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The Tennessee house Agriculture committee will pass a bill to establish and permit the equine slaughter and processing facilities in Tennessee ( house bill 1428, SB 1898 ) this Tuesday May 12 at 9am. The bill also includes that joining property owners can not file action against a slaughter operation with no public appeal. Please call everyone on this committee ASAP if you do not want horse slaughter in Tennessee.

Committee meets May 12, 9 am call ASAP

About the Agriculture Committee
The House Agriculture Committee is charged with two somewhat different responsibilities. The committee ís first function is to process legislation which is agricultural in subject matter -- control of equine infectious anemia, euthanasia of animals, the use of state funds for cash awards at state and local fairs, etc. More »
Committee Officers
• Stratton Bone, Chair 615-741-7086
• Dale Ford, Vice-Chair 615-741-1717
• Willie Butch Borchert, Secretary 615-741-6804
• Eddie Bass 615-741-1864
• Chad Faulkner 615-741-3335
• Curtis Halford 615-741-7478
• John Litz 615-741-6877
• Steve McDaniel615-741-0750
• Frank Niceley615-741-4419
• Johnny Shaw 615-741-4538
• Terri Lynn Weaver 615-741-2192
• John Mark Windle 615-741-1260

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"As long as they have a humane way of killing them..."

What is humane? Have you witnessed a slaughter of a horse? Do you know what happens from the sale barn until they are processed? You consider that humane?

IF the process were humane I would have no problem with this issue whatsoever. However I DO have a problem with horses being terrified, whipped, stuck with hot shots, hauled many miles with no food or water, they are kicked and bitten by more aggresive horses and can't get away, if they fall from injuries or weakness they are dragged or pushed with front end loaders. The captive bolt often used DOES NOT always kill on the first blow. Some horses are still kicking while they are hung by the legs and their throats are slit.
I have thought about this and found out first hand, and trust me, these places are monitored by the same type of people that think that is "humane". I have owned horses my entire life, as my family has, and not one has been sent to slaughter. Or never will.
Yes family and housing comes before any animal will in my household as well. If it comes down to my child starving, the horses will be found homes or HUMANELY EUTHANIZED.
do you have any email addresses?
i just read the blog on horse slaughter, at first i thought maybe it was a way to help with getting rid of (so called unwanted horses) rouges, bad bred,untrainable horses, Then i looked at the video of the slaughter house"s. I could not hardley watch these.. i expected those o"l no count horses.. instead i saw well bred healthy horses even baby colts being put threw a tortchure that was totaly unbeleiveable to my eyes! this bolt thing they were useing was being used 4 or 5 times per horse? WTH! this is not why i have spent my life in horses to see? what is wrong with people? my horses are like family members to me, i love and care for them as well as i do my family. I cannot imagin myself EVER taking a horse to one of these places, There has to be another way? i knows there animals.... but my goodness this is WRONG! i think every trail rider, showman, trainer, anybody who owns a horse should watch these vids on this web site and tell me that this is what WE need to do? and they say walking horse people are cruel?.... I dont think so! times are hard....but do we really need this in tennesse! I really would rather that Not to happen in my state.. maybe people just need to watch this over and over ...or can you? we are better then that TTR...I love my horse he"s not just a vehicle for a good time on the weekend! dont use the excuse i cant sell them or feed them? Because maybe you need to make better choices before you get them in the first place, dont turn them into a comodity or a way out...because there also gods animals! please vote against a slaughter house in tenn...you know deep down its just wrong! I do understand that some horses need to be put down, injured animals that have no chance of hope to become well..but there has got to be a more"Humane way to do this..not a cheep way out! maybe we all need to watch these vids again! and again! then get a goodnites sleep! come on people do we really want this in our state? I vote NO!
and as to leaving my phone # so people can bring me unwanted horses because they cant feed them?? well those are the people who dont need them to start with!!! thats was causing the problem in the first place! ....Did we save all the starving horses to take to the slaughter house??? whats your point? maybe you should watch the vids!!!! mike muphy left a good website to start you off with on this blog...once your there there are many more to look at!!! sweet dreams!
Ideal situation would be a loving home for every horse untill they're ready to pass from life. But That isn't going to happen in this world. In the mean time some practical solution needs to be implemented.

How about this for a slaughtor house procedure;

A fixed price for the buyer to stick to, such as no more than 10 cents a lb.
The slaughtor buyer gathers all the info he can from the seller about the horse, such as health info and training status/issues. Each one tagged with a number and the number attached to a file with the info, or just the note "no info"
Then send them through a filter committee made up of a vet, a well seasoned well trained trainer, and a rescue group.
Every horse that arrives at the facility (likely a different place than the plant itself, such as a farm somewhere) gets an inspection by the vet with any info from the previous owner on hand to help him make a decision, He will devide them into two groups, one group that isn't worth saving and the other that may be, based on their health and age status. Then the trainer will evaluate the saveable ones and split them into two groups. Savable ones and bad ones, with any pervious info from owners at hand to help. (there are occasional horses with such terrible attatudes they arn't worth messing with, but a good trainer can work a horse in a RP a few minutes and tell wether they're going to be easy or not, and sometimes some really bad attatudes can be fixed real fast when ya know how) The ones trained already or resonably trainable would be either passed on to the rescue group or put through a brief training program, and then passed on to to the rescue group. And then the rescue group would be responsible for bringing up the weight on the underweight ones and finding homes for them.
And then if needed as the rescue group gets swamped with too many to find homes for they can select out the least desirable ones and send them back to the other side.
And then the slaughtor system itself needs to be run in such a way as to take into account the nature of the beast (do not put one down in the presence of the others) and do it in a totally painless manner. (It's posible to make a horse faint if you know what spot to put pressure on)

Funding? That would have to be figgured out, but it should be as self funding as posible, the good ones need to be adopted/sold at whatever they are deemed to be worth, I'd say start at $400 and up depending on age breed and training.
Interesting topic and always well debated :-) I personally am for slaughter, and I am for having it here in the USA (and Canada) where it is managed and inspected.

There is a market for horse meat overseas - they do not want meat from bag of bones, adrenalin rushed, beaten horses that results in tough, bruised meat.

There is a market for pet food - here the poor condition of an animal is not important.

Did you know....

You can euthenize a horse (with a bullet no chemical) and donate it to zoos or a sanctuary where the animals that are on display (or being rehabbed) could benefit.

Some states do not allow hoses to be buried on your own land (this increases the cost of disposal dramatically)

Chemical euthenasia can and does go VERY wrong and it is horrible to watch..

Often the crippled, old, or animals with degenerative diseases are "rescued" only to live out their lives with the day to day discomfort of their conditions with no hope of being "adopted".

There are genetic defects that lead to bad behavior in animals, yes bad breeding and bad training can contribute to this but think about it... I mean really think about it, what makes people think that man is the only mammal that can have a mental defect??

And my final thought...
Why should I stop breeding nice, sought after horses (that are normally sold before produced) so that a rogue or genetically inferior animal can take it's place - a horse that could harm a rider, or end up being bred anyway?

If we, as a people are forced to keep all of the inferior, crippled animals in place of quality, well bred horses - how long will it be before it is impossible to find a good quality horse?

Canada's slaughter market is flooded by US horses, but the market for good horses is still far better than it is here right now. I have lived in and raised horses in both countries, I am currently selling more horses back to Canada then when I lived there.
some things that have been missed in a lot of the discussion here is that the video that you are seeing about the horse slaughter is what they want you to see  it is just like cattle or any other slaughter   it works the majority of the time but no system is perfect.  I have a college degree and studied meats and meats processing in college and the animals need to be kept as calm as possible to preserve the blood in the cells to preserve the taste quality.   wild and beaten meat is worthless when graded on the table    Also need to think as well   what is worse   torture for a few seconds(or a min) or standing in a pasture slowly starving for years?   i am not a slaughter enthusiast but I am a common sense type of person who tries to see how things really are


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