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I just wanted to give & get input from every one what horse owners should & shouldn't do to make them a farriers favorite.

I'll start.... teach your horse to stand still while the feet are "messed" with

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hey Lee...how about this one? Pay in CASH! lol
with today's economy sometimes barter is better. ;)

I have been a farrier for 10 plus years

I need a place to do my job. Please have a place for me to work. If it's hot, I need shade. Not muddy and fairly flat. This is not a great time to wean either. I'd rather work in the field with the other buddies near (and restrained) than work on a stressed out horse. If the horse is inexperienced don't have your mom or kid help me, I need a real horseperson at that point. There are many others "environmental peeves" but just ask the farrier.

Have routine work done. Every Christmas and Fourth of July won't get you a good job and by next year you will not get your calls returned.

I charge what I have to to make it. Everything is expensive, especially with horses. Quality  work takes time but you will have a product that will actually help your horse every step it takes. If you were going to go out on some kind of athletic endeavor you would get the right shoes first. Same with the horses except I drive to you and custom fit them. 

These are the top three I would say. Be concerned about my safety,  respect me as a trades person, and understand I got to eat too. 


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