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I just wanted to give & get input from every one what horse owners should & shouldn't do to make them a farriers favorite.

I'll start.... teach your horse to stand still while the feet are "messed" with

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(copied from Mike Murphy's campfire chat "Money Saving Tips)
"Your farrier or equine dentist will usually be willing to reduce fees if s/he can see more than one horse at a visit. See if you have friends that may want to participate in a group visit."
When you schedule a visit from your farrier, be on time yourself, and if your horse is in the pasture, have him pulled up and his feet picked already when the farrier gets there.
Don't baby your horses, and stand on the same side the farrier is working on, it's safer for you and him/her. Make your horses mind and therefore they will be easier for the farrier to work with also.
Don't wait till he/she arrives to get your horse. Have him clean, haltered and ready!!!!!!!
Also it helps to have your horses sprayed with fly spray,so they will not be as fidgety while the farrier is working on them!!! Do it ahead of time ,so that their not wet from the spray , and therefore gets it all over the farrier!!!
Thanks Ya'll, Keep 'em coming!
Have a clean, dry place out of the sun. The sun will bake a farrier quick!
We are actually building a 14x14 three sided shed for shoeing, trims , etc..
shop lights, fans, even a heater for winter!
Have the horses caught before the farrier gets there.
Give your farrier a heads up on how many you want shod, or trimmed and if you will provide the shoes or he needs to and if so what size and specific type you want. That way he will know ahead of time how long to expect to stay there, if you have a difficult horse which may need tranquilizer, and his job will go quicker.
C'mon Y'all there has to be more ideas out there!

here is one more... Clean your horses feet daily, if not possible clean as often as possible. This will get your horse used to having their feet picked up. Reward = positive reinforcement. I don't even like to raise my voice to a horse.
Let them know you appreciate them!! Even with the best of horses (and the payment) it is a very hard, physical job. If it is a new horse, warn them that you have little background information, some horses will be great for the owners but not so great for the farrier.


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