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Hi Everyone,


I am going to be traveling to Arizona with my horse pretty soon.  I have never done this before but I know he will have to have frequent rest stops and exercise.

Does anyone know of horse friendly places to rest along I-40?  And does anyone have travel advice?  I want to make sure he makes this trip with no problems as he's 18.

Thanks for your help/info.

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Hi Rose.  True West campground is located one hour north of Crossville, TN.  It may be a bit out of the way but we are available for overnights as well as "refresher" stops.  We have stalls and we have a round pen.  Whether you are looking for a place to stop overnight with your horse(s) or just need to let them out to stretch their legs, we would be welcome to have you.  True West Campground, Stables and Mercantile, 3341 Leatherwood Ford Road, Jamestown, TN.   I just had my horses (2) transported from NH to TN and my TWH is 21.  He made the trip just fine so I'm sure your's will be fine as well.  Good luck with your trip - and maybe we'll see you at TW.

that would actually be going in the wrong direction for me.  I am in Middle tennessee. but thanks a bunch!!!


ok - sorry.  Wasn't sure where you were coming from :)

Hi Rose, I used this website when I was originally going to transport my horses on my own from NH to TN.  It has horse overnights for each state.  Maybe this will help?  http://www.travelinghorse.com/Stables.html


Good luck!

awesome!  this will definately help.

Rose, what are you doing in  Arizona? I love the west and am hoping to go to New Mexico. I heard the the White Mountains in Arizona are incredible!


I am thinking about moving back home.  I went on vacation and now i'm missing home so bad i can't stand it.


Oh Rose, we will miss you, but I cannot blame you for wanting to go home. Such a beautiful area also. Join us Sunday 6:30am for Sunrise service and B'fast afterwards at church.


That sounds good, then afterwards i will drive to Maryville to see my grand baby.

The painted Desert and Sedona are my favorite!!


You're way to young looking to have a grand baby...just sayin'!  Good luck on your trip to AZ.

LOL..... Thanks Mike......  Keep sayin that when i'm 60 okay! ;)


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