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My friend suggested that I ask the folks at your website about my horses health question. I tried to post it but could never figure out how. Sorry, I'm not a computer guru, just a frustrated horse mom at this point.

I have an 11 yr old Tennessee Walking Horse cross that was given to me last year. He was wormy and had no shots and needed his teeth floated desperately. This spring he got floated again after losing a lot of weight quickly. Also bloodwork taken to rule out anything else. All was normal. We have tried 3 different kinds of food, corn oil on the food and finally my pasture is good enough that he is on some grass again. About the first week of June, he started losing hair on his butt cheeks. This progressed to losing almost all the hair and raw patches by his anus. Wormed AGAIN (Quest first-Strongid 10 days later) for possible pinworms. We tried Muck Itch, then MTG. Vet put him on FuroZone w/ DMSO? Also, iodine washes. Finally cleared up after about a month of treatment. Was healing nicely for about 3 weeks and now the itching/scratching/raw skin is back. Called Vet again. Thinks now it may be skin allergy. He was given an antihistamine, and a steriod shot and one to give today (48 hrs later). Told to stay w/ the washes/FuroZone. He's still itching.....HELP! My other horse is a Quarter Horse and shows NO sign of any allergy. My TWH also has to wear a fly mask or his eyes stay runny from the flies. I spray Endure fly spray regularly. We have had a cool, VERY wet summer for TN and they have been on a dry lot w/ hay for most of the summer.

Sorry, that was lots of info.... Hope you guys can post and get me some help. THANKS!

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Thanks! I stopped adding the oil awhile ago but that was about the time this started. Hmmm... After paying the Vet almost $200, Rock still is getting no relief. A friend had her horse here and she moved him Thurs. The lady that owns the stable he is moving to thought it might be tail mites. She dosed her horse w/ Listerine and KrudKutter. Can't find the krudkutter so I used muck itch. Still itching. I'm staying a few more days w/ the listerine (just in case) and putting Bag Balm on the raw spots. I really don't know what to do if this doesn't work....
Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for all the input. My horse is HEALED! I received the advice more than once that he needed his Sheath cleaned. I was told that a dirty sheath could cause him to rub his butt. As a new horse owner, I really didn't know that was something that needed to be done. The vet talked me through the process and I bought a shot of 'Ace' prior to the cleaning to mellow him out. Everything went well. He had a huge 'bean' and a smaller one also. That night I put him in the stall to collect a fresh fecal sample for retesting (it was negative) and he urinated 3 TIMES! He NEVER peed in his stall before that. The next few days there were no more new rubbed spots and healing has begun. I am continuing to use the FuroSeptin/DMSO/Dex cocktail on his raw spots and an iodine wash in the afternoon. He is growing hair back also. MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! \0/ This was a solution that even my vet thought farfetched, but I was willing to try anything! From now on, his Fall maintenance will include a sheath cleaning while the Vet has him sedated for his teeth floating. Live and learn.....


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