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My husband is wanting to go horse camping in east TN for fall leaf pictures. We have never been there so I need info about places to camp with the best views. Also specific trails with the best views. I know many of you have been to East Fork and South Fork, so any information would be very welcome. We will be staying in a tent, not a cabin. I would like to know about proximity to trails, the campground, facilities for the horses, etc. We will have 2 horses and are looking at the last couple of weeks in October. Thanks!

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East Fork would be a good choice for your first visit. It is privately owned, but has no shortage of trails. Just google East Fork Stables for info. I love the 'I' trail which is the overlook trail for fall. You ride from one overlook to another, just beautiful. The facilities are great and you are close to town. The trails are marked and they give you a map at check-in. You better book now however because Oct is their biggest month. You can then take part of a day and scout out other camps in BSF, which is state/federal land, for your next trip. Just google Big South Fork horse camps, Timber Ridge, Saddle Valley, TrueWest and Bandy Creek are all good places and give different trail access. Happy Trails!
Blessings, Linda
Timber Ridge Horse Campground has what you are looking for, We are located in E. Tennessee and are adjacent to the Big South Fork with three trails that leave our campground. You do not have to trailer to get there, ride right from your campsite. The fall colors are absolutley beautiful here and the views are wonderful. At the campground there is a common area that our campers use that has a new stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot etc not to mention the 61 inch flat screen tv for relaxation. We have a front load washer and dryer for your use as well. Our barn is well maintained with water and electric. We strip, lime and bed your stalls prior to your arrival. Go to www.timberridgehorsecampground.com for more inforamtion. You can also go to www.horsetraildirectory.com and read the reviews under the new owners to see what our campers have had to say about their stay with us!! Hope to see you in the fall.
The common area would be great for a tent camper. You have all the comforts of home just outside your tent. The covered eating area is very nice as are the bath houses. Super convenient if, BY CHANCE, it should rain, you won't be sitting in your tent twittiling (sp?) your thumbs. Everything is very close to your campsite. Bath house, common area and the horse stalls. Nice well planned campground !
Happy Trails, Stephanie
Hi Adrienne,

I wanted to share with you a new campground in east TN. It is Notchy Creek Trail Ride & Campground which is located in Madisonville,TN. It is next door to the Cherokee National Forest & the Great Smoky Mountains. We will be holding our first annual trail ride & St. Jude benefit September 25-27. If you would like more information about this campground please feel free to contact me.
Hi KatyB, did you find out anything about the Notchy Creek Campground? Sounds like it would be close to us and even closer to you
Thanks Denise! Can't ever have too many choices.
East Fork by Far has the best views, East Fork Stables, near crossville,Tn
There is also Catoosa Ridge Stables in Crossville, http://www.catoosaridgestables.com/
SaddleValleyCampground.com very nice small campground super owners great rates and awesome riding in the Big South Fork National Park. Must check out.
If you would rather do the Smokies--try Orchard Cove Stables in Townsend, TN. Besides riding, there are other nature enjoyments, and tourist stuff. Their arena is covered---huge, new, and great if it rains---you can at least play games with your horses.
Great people, facilities for you and your horses. The owners will bend over backwards for you!
Been to Orchard Cove....great place....trails are as you would expect...up and down and narrow at times but beautiful...East Fork and True West are our other two favorite places...


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