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I live in So. Middle TN on the Alabama border(No. Alabama) and am looking for horse auctions in this area or close to it. Does anyone know of any? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks



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I'm not sure exactly how it goes. I've always known it to be every other weekend. We were there last weekend so the next one will be the 30th.
The Scotts Hill Sale is the 2nd and 4th Saturday. Not Lewisburg.
Lewisburg Horse Sale quit their 5th Saturday Sales but still have them on the 1st and 3rd. Scottshill, TN is the 2nd and 4th.

Is there any decent gaited horses at the auction in lewisburg

I live in alabama and all the gaited horses here at the auctions are crap.  I was thinking about going to the on  in

Lewisburg but I cannot find any information or a phone number.  I do not want to go all that way without no information. Do they have good horses and when are their sales.


I do not have info on sales in this area; however, a friend from church is selling her two gaited horses. She just put them on Craigs list. One is a gelding 13 1, 8 yrs old a spotted saddle horse, palomino and white. the other is a beautiful black mare 17 yrs old and 14 hands. the horses are located in Minor Hill and the owner's name is Lisa. the horses are currently residing at my location.




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