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One of my geldings has the worst case of rain rot that I have ever seen. I have been bathing him daily in soap and iodine, then putting an anti-fungal spray on him. He has also been stalled through all this rain. Is there something else that I could do that might get rid of it faster? I would like to have it cleared up by the time it gets too cold to bathe him (no hot water at the barn). Also, is there anything I can do that doesn't involve bathing, if I can't get it cleared up by then? I am so frustrated! This is only the second time that I have had to deal with rain rot on my horses, and the other time, it cleared right up :(

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the co op has a green tea shampoo that is good for rain rot and our vet told us that listerine was good for rain rot. i put the listerine in a spray bottle and just spray down the area that is affected and then use a brush to work it in. we have tried both and they both work for us.(i wouldn't use them at the same time,one or the other) hope this helps!
One of the best things I found for rain rot is MTG. I had the same problem a couple of years ago and tried MTG and it works. One time treatment is all it takes. It is great stuff. I used it on a rescued horse that had the worse case of rain rot anyone had ever seen. You can get it at coop or TSC. It is a little pricey but worth every dime and will last you a long long time.
From my vet who also does reining horses - Get Lime Sulphur from the Co-op (in the gardening section - it is a liquid and comes in a 32 oz. bottle). Mix 1 part to 30 parts water. Sponge on and leave, do not rinse off. Once a day for 7 days. I found that the small bucket size is just the right size for one application. You can mix up big bucket of it and cover and save for the next days. Of course it does stink but it is less expensive than iodine and MTG.

Also clean off your brushes and grooming supplies and saddle pads.
I also have used listerine and it seemed to work.
My mare had a REALLY BAD case of rain rot on both shoulders. Jennifer had some NuStock and put it on there. She only put it on one time and in about a week I could already tell a difference. It has been a little over a month and you cant hardly tell where it was unless you know where to look.
I had a gelding several years ago that got this really bad every year. Finally a friend told me to use 10-1 parts water and bleach. I could mix it with warm water in the winter and sponge it on. It cleared up quickly. This was before MTG. I used that on a mare who kept losing all her hair on her rump. Washed her then used Betadine. After it dried and was rinsed off I used the MTG. She cleared up quickly and her hair grew back. I tried about eveything and nothing worked but this.
Listerine works. You can spray it under the saddle pad before you tack up.
Hello, I would like to tell you what I use and it usually only takes one application. It is MTG also called Mane Tail Groom. You can get it at Co op, or TSC. It is very oily and it smells like meat tenderizer. It helps fungus, but because it is oily textured, it stays on the horse even if it rains. when my horses get rain rot, I will douse them good with it in all the areas they have the rain rot and it is usually gone in less than a week with just the one application It does eventually wear off, but it stays on for several weeks if you put it on thickly. MTG separates in the bottle when not in use so you have to shake it up before every application. MTG does help fungus, but it also is supposed to help horses hair to grow. I haven't had much luck with that, but I do know from experience that it cures rainrot quickly!!!! Good Luck, Rachel www.hattendorfhorses.com
Hey Laura, a few years ago we had a horse with a horrible case and our vet told us to use Captan and it worked wonders. We now use it any time we have rain. Captan can be bought in the garden section. It is a rose fungacide. You mix it 2Tbs to one gallon of water. I put it on and the next day I can usually easily remove the dead skin then I put it on again. You don't wash it out. I use a bottle that you put ketchup or mustard in which you can get at the dollar tree. This type of bottle is great for getting it down to the skin not just on the hair. Hope this helps. God Bless
Thanks everyone for the amazing amount of replies! I had considered MTG and bleach at various times, and should have thought about listerine. I am on a pretty tight budget, so I'll have to go to the store and see what I can afford. Thanks again for all the great ideas! :D
Hi Laura, how is the rain rot coming along? I have a mare that got it real bad a couple of years ago. I was washing her daily with fungus shampoo or betadine shampoo like you did. Well the rain rot sort of cleared up but her skin started flaking like nothing I have ever seen!! Picture the worst case of dandruff you can imagine, then multiply by 5! It was awful! The vet said to quit washing her every day, that I was drying her skin out way too much. I thought washing it daily would be better than the greasy MTG stuff that I initially used (I hated the oiliness, it attracted dirt and was just yucky), but I did what the vet said and stopped washing her and retreated her with the MTG then let her alone. The rain rot went away and so did the awful flaking. So now I have learned you don't have to be quite as aggressive at treatment as I wanted to be, and it will still clear up. Hope your horse is better!
You can use Cap Tan for mildew on roses on your horse. It doesn't hurt them, works like a charm and its cheap


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