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One of my geldings has the worst case of rain rot that I have ever seen. I have been bathing him daily in soap and iodine, then putting an anti-fungal spray on him. He has also been stalled through all this rain. Is there something else that I could do that might get rid of it faster? I would like to have it cleared up by the time it gets too cold to bathe him (no hot water at the barn). Also, is there anything I can do that doesn't involve bathing, if I can't get it cleared up by then? I am so frustrated! This is only the second time that I have had to deal with rain rot on my horses, and the other time, it cleared right up :(

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The rain rot is still there, but I have had so much going on! I doused him in mineral oil to loosen everything up, but when I came out the next day, I picked up the hose to wash him off and spray on some listerine.... and my mare choked on an alfalfa cube and heaved so much that she started to colic. I ended up walking her around the farm for hours waiting on someone to bring out some banamine instead of dealing with the rain rot. That was Friday, and I had to go out of town over the weekend, so he is still covered in oil! Oh, well; that's life, isn't it? I plan to scrub him some today and spray on the listerine.
I am sorry about your mare...I have been lucky so far and never had a horse colic on me. Well at least rain rot isn't life threatening. I have been checking mine and I think I may have to retreat Little Rock's neck area, it seems to be getting a little crusty again. His back is fine, though and that is good because I would like to try to ride this weekend if I can find someone to ride with. I guess I need to wash his saddle pad first, though, could do that tomorrow and it will be dry by the weekend.
If you get this before you do the listerine mix in some 10% povidine iodine solution. It works great. I had to treat mine yesterday and it did the trick. although i did treat them again today.
I have never seen rain rot. What does it look like?
Look for an anti-fungal powder for (roses?) called Captain, I found it at Tractor Supply, it is not listed as one of the uses, but I mix about 1 tsp in a pint of water and spray it on, this is the best stuff I have ever found. it's hard to find, so you may have to search around, but give it a try, I had a horse who was losing his hair and it took care of the problem
You can buy a spray for athletes foot at wal mart that treats fungal infections. The best thing to do is shave the hair from the spot and all around it, be sure to disinfect clippers after with bleach. Follow directions on the can.


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