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I live where the water doesn't cause too much problem,  just a washed out road and a couple sinkholes with a lake on top, can't drain it fast enough.   The county will fix the road,  or I can do a preliminary job enough to get through.

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Glad all is ok in Fentress (?) county. We're fine here but tired of the rain. Looking at the 10 day forecast, looks like we're going to have good weather. My horse had surgery last week and I'm hoping he'll be released tomorrow from the vet. It will be good to get him back at the barn. Aren't you planning on heading out to get your new "partner"? Good luck on that. Hope you'll post a pic.
I drove home from Ky today (Sun), Nashville was horrible & I was lucky to make it home since 5 of the 6 lanes on I-65 were closed, just so happened 1 southbound lane was still open. I have never seen so much water in so many places!
yep, been working on the truck some more, changed transmission oil, new wood flat bed finished, I think it's about ready, now gotta work on trailer lights an wiring. One of the friends I plan on visiting on the way needs a bunch of fence posts and I got more than I need so I'll be hauling a bunch outa the woods and stacking them in the trailer. The woman that owns the horse I'm buyin has a few corral panels that got squashed by a tree, I'll take my portable welder and fix them. always gotta find something to do.


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