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Who out there knows who we can contact in Columbia to start requesting they get this area bush hogged?  They use to keep it up pretty good but the last couple of years I don't think it has seen a bush hog!

It has always been such a nice place and convenient place for many of us to ride, it's a shame it has gotten to the point that in many places the weeds are as tall or taller than the horses!

Anyone have any ideas on how we can start requesting this area be maintained again?  Thanks!!!

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Contact Linda Grajewski she is the trail coorodinater for this trail and Williamsport lakes maybe she can get something done. She is listed in the phonebook.
She is a member here also.
For the benefit of everyone who will read this post I have called TWRA and sent emails numerous times. Myself and a group of other riders are also working with TWRA, our state dept of tourism and others to try and add additional trails to Yanahli but in a better area. The title of trail coordinator was given to me by someone in TWRA and I am a volunteer/not paid. Everyone who rides needs to get involved and help with trail maintenance and working with our TWRA and state officials. It is physically impossible for me to maintain these trails. Also, I work on the trails during the fall and winter months. I will be very grateful to any and everyone who will help.
TWRA contact info: Yanahli WMA - 931-840-4042
TWRA Region II Office - 615-781-6622

Please everyone be polite but let them know people who ride these trails spend their money in TN and Maury County.

Thanks, it takes All of us...

Blessings, Linda
I just e-mailed about the trails at Fountain Creek. I hope it helps.
Thanks Alice. I have just been feeling overwhelmed and not enough help to keep these trails up, especially the ones that need mowing. It was interesting in the debate last night they made the statement that for every $1 or money spent in a tourist area it brought a $7 return. I have been working through our state dept of tourism to try and get something done here at Yanahli similar to Land Between the Lakes. Be Blessed for you are a Blessing!
I have a 24 hp, 50 inch, Cub Cadet riding lawn mower and am willing to offer mowing help when ever needed. its not a bush hog, but once an area gets bush hogged i can help keep a trail kinda clear.

I am sure this aint much but thats what i can do.

Maybe all of us who want the trail to stay maintained should volunteer to meet there and take our shears, hand saws and such to help clear some of the brush, every little bit helps. We are from Ohio, just moved to Lewisburg in February, and our closest trails in Ohio were at Barkcamp State park, which we would go ride with our "equipment" in our saddle bags and trim as we rode.

I just went to Fountain Creek last week, and there was someone bushogging there on the trails!!! I would like to go back next week for a ride and see how much they have done!!!

I am really feeling 'overloaded' and would love for someone to step up in leadership and take over the trail maintenance for Fountain Creek. Please message here if interested....this is a volunteer position we are not paid and in fact spend our own money on flags, paint, etc...


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