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I'd like to get some comments on this saddle. Having to sell my wide treed gaited horse saddle and go to a shorter skirted, medium bars saddle to better fit my Foxtrotter. Considering this model. Thanks

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Look at the Reinsman Endurance saddles. I love mine way better than Tucker.
Thanks for the feedback.

Thats the best saddle they make, I did alot or research before I bought one,
And you can find them on craigslist and a few other equine sites used for
pretty good prices I got mine for $500 with everything with it.
Good Luck
Thanks for the information.
Hi there! I have a High Plains Tucker. I love the saddle, but the horse that I ride that saddle in stifled and can no longer go on long trail rides. I can't even ride in the saddle any more, but have not sold it because it is by far the best saddle I have owned! My fiance had a foxtrotter and he rode him in the Tucker Cheyenne, which is very similar, and it worked great. I truly don't think you will be disappointed! Good Luck!
Thanks. I prefer to stay with the western rigging with a horn, because that is what I have always had. My horse is only 14-2 and short backed so I believe this saddle will work for him. Have heard that you sit too high off your horse with the Tuckers, so I don't know about that. I do like to sit down close.
Hey Perry, I found a website by accident for custom made gaited horse saddles, you may want to check this site out before you decide which saddle to buy. The site is www.sycamorecreeksaddles.com Check it out, they are custom made for your horse and the prices are very reasonable
Hi Again! I wanted to let you know I also own a saddle from Sycamore Creek (the website referred to above). I just ordered it for my Paso and I love it as well. For the price, it is also a great saddle and Tony there will truly work with you to make you happy. There are also a lot more choices to choose from with a CTK. I still LOVE my Tucker, but it was just too much for my little Paso Fino.
As for the Tucker, I will tell you in my opinion, the CTK does give you closer contact. The High Plains definitely sits high, which is great for long trail rides but not so great for contact and feel. Good luck in your searches!


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