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I need some help, if anybody can help me. I have a 9yr old saddle mare, she is sorral will about a month ago it looks like that has developed some warts on one size of her muzzle, it goes up the side of her face alitle and on one of her eyes. I have read that warts usually develop in young horses, we have another horse in with her and he is a 3 yr old and hasn't gotten it, they say its contagious but don't know. Would someone know if its maybe something beside warts and how I would get rid of it. I would appreciated any help.

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You may be dealing with a sarcoid rather than warts.  My mare had two of them.  One was sort of a flat plaque type but developed warty looking lumps.  The other was a nasty bleeding and oozing one at the base of her ear.  Finally had it frozen off and took twice (the bloody one)  the other one eventually went away on it's own but I applied MTG to it whenever I could remember and swat.  Good luck!  Google sarcoids.  There are several varieties.


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