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Has anyone heard anything about how Why Not Ranch is doing? I talked to a friend and she said that they had road damage. Does anyone know anything else?Will they reopen? Do they need our help? any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Blue Buck Road is completely washed out and some of the camp sites are washed out. They are closed until the road gets repaired.
Not for long, I hope! Great place!
The road is washed out and she had some damage to the bridge going into the campground. She did say that she was planning on fixing everything. Don't know when.
I just called Many Cedars to find out about their situation...they lost the road and some of the campsites down by the river, but the store, barns, and cabins are fine. They are working on the road and campsites that got washed out and hope to have everything fixed soon. They have some folks there riding this weekend...I wish I was riding somewhere instead of working!
thanks for letting me know Adrienne.. much appreciated
I heard Why Not is closing for good this fall! Because someone stole money out of the box twice.
I pray that everyone doesn't have to pay for some ones bad actions. It is a blessing this women lets us ride on her place. I hope that who ever did that returns the money back to her. If you are reading this then SHAME ON YOU!
I hadnt heard about anyone stealing money. We talked to the owner and she really didnt tell us why she was closing. I guess the place is just not making the money to keep it open. You just never know. I wish she would stay open too, I love riding over there. One of the best places, actually THE BEST place to ride.
WHYNOTRANCH has a notice on their web site about damages to roads and the campground www.whynotranch.com
i talked with beth lot of road damage , hope too open back up first of june if roads are repaired.did not get answer on help. wayne daly
This is from their website.

"Please note that the Why Not Ranch will be closing on October 1, 2010 to trail riders and campers and we will not reopen
It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed meeting so many, many wonderful people. --Beth"


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