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Is it good to ground drive a horse before you ride?

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I think it is a good thing to do because it teaches so many things such as right and left turn,stop and back and also gives them confidence so they want be scared of the boogieman.It will make getting in the saddle on a colt and riding off alot easier
Can horses really see the boogyman?
Mine sees lion, tigers, and bears, all of them wanting to eat horses lol
Anytime you teach a horse something from the ground first, I think it makes saddle work easier.
Good to see there are other people out there that are actually horsemen/women!
Absolutely!!!! Make sure you teach them to go forward before teaching them to back up. You may even find it would be fun to at the very least drive him in a jogging cart.
The great horse trainer, Clinton Anderson once said... " the more times you hit the ground, the better your ground work gets" thats so true because the more you introduce things to your horse on the ground the less he is tempted to freak out with you in the saddle. ground driving does more than give you control of the horse's mouth and direction, it also desensitizes him to having lines around his feet and under his tail and such other wise he might get that first experience with you on his back... and that might not be a good thing- katie reed
hell yea, thats the only way to start them. If you just cowboy them thats whatcha got, they don't learn but git up an go. me an ole White Boy has had our share of those check lines.


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