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We are going to LBL in oct. I haven't ever been but hear its beautiful. Is there anything we must do or see while we are there. How about any restaurants besides the one there. Thanks for any help!

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The town of Aurora, up the road a ways, has good catfish and other things. The lodge over at the lake is OK. LBL has a great campground and great riding, especially for kids learning to ride. We'll be there Oct 5-9. My grandchildren have a great time.
While we were there, I went to a Bison Preserve that was close and enjoyed that. You drive through and see them, it was interesting.
There is a trail that circles the Bison Preserve, that's fun too
Willow Pond in Aurora has really good catfish - and then on down the road is the Dinner Bell that has really great country cooking (she does close down for the winter but we just got back from there and she was still open on Thur, Fri, Sat. and Sun.)

On down the road a piece from there, is Lacy's Restaurant in Benton, KY - on Fri. and Sat. nights they have a great seafood buffet with really good frog legs, boiled shrimp, etc.

You can also go 25 miles down the Trace from the campground and go to Grand Rivers - and eat at Mr. Bill's or Miss Pattie's restaurants (side by side, same menu) the 2 inch pork chops are to die for - and I think they have 25 desserts - they have been written up in Southern Living and several other magazines as a great place to eat. You will need reservations - they have the info at the check in ofc. at the campground. You can tell my bunch loves to eat as well as ride. Hope you have a great trip. Diane Buchanan, Fayetteville, TN
Thanks for the info. There are 4 going from east tn and 10 coming from wisconsin. You know we are all about the food. We are all really looking forward to the trip. Good friends getting together. The weather has been so bad me and my horse are so out of shape. How's the trails? Thanks again. Leisa
Hi Leisa! My fiance and I are also going to LBL in October. I think we are going on the 18th. If you are going the same time we have been many times and you are welcome to stop by our cabin! We have been to Patti's and the food is worth it. The Elk and Bison Reserve is fun and something to kill a little time. But most of the time we are just around camp talking with everyone. They are all super friendly and you will have a great time!
Hi Angela, thanks for the info. We are going to be there the 9th - 15th. I hope it quits raining before then. We are looking so forward to the trip. Where are you staying? We have #15 & #16. Thanks again! You have a great trip also.
Hi Leisa. It looks like we will just be missing each other there. But we are staying in cabin B16 if you decide to stay longer for some reason! Please come see us!
Hi Angela. What are some of you favorite trails?
Hi There! Probably by most favorite is the Blue Hole. But all are great and well marked. If you can, get someone to ride with you and show you some of the unmarked trails. LBL has over 100 miles of marked trails, but there are so many more unmarked ones and the locals know them like the back of their hands! And there is LOTS of wildlife. We have even seen a red wolf there once. I wish we could meet up, but maybe next time!
Where is LBL at? The Blue Hole sounds beautiful!
It is Land Between the Lakes, its part in tn and part in ky. We are staying in ky @ Wranglers campground. I havent ever been there, Im sooooooo excited!!!! Glad to have you online. Leisa


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