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Our move from WI is just days away! My 2 mares travel and load terrific but have Never gone this far!! Any ideas or tips for the trip? We have a straight load 2 horse trailer......

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I am originally from WI and was just curious, from where are you moving?
Prairie du chien, WI right along the Mississippi River!
Well welcome to TN, I hope you love it as much as I do!
I read a tips for travel with your horses and they suggested that they be given immune boosting shots prior to the trip as a preventative.
I would recommend shipping boots for their legs, start giving them mineral oil in their feed, a cup at least, to make sure they don't get bound up on the ride. Also, bring water from home in case they won't drink strange water. Carry some fruit punch Gatorade with you or some electrolyte paste, in case they don't want to drink. Hydration is a must. Fly masks are great if you are in a stock trailer, so they don't get anything in their eyes, and I always bring a few large bottles of rubbing alcohol, a bucket and sponge in case of overheating, but you shouldn't have a problem with that. Stop every three  hours (max) and let your horses rest for 15-30 minutes. Their legs get very tired on long rides. Load the heaviest horse on the passenger side. Give them several days to a weeks rest when you get here and also carry bute paste and some banamine. Hope that helps. My horses came from Raleigh to Joelton. It was 12 hours with stops, but they were in great shape when they got here!

I like the gatorade idea! Didnt think of that, but sure makes sense!

I think the oil is a good idea, although they have never had trouble 'christening' my trailer before! LOL

I will be wrapping their legs for sure....

Shots are done....

Dont need masks as its a nice 2 horse trailer semi closed in.....

Dont think I can stop every 3 hours but will be making several stops for kids anyway and will let horses out too....

Oh yeah they will have an easy time when we get there for a while, while Im getting settled in myself

Thanks Ya'll be there in a few days!!!

Don't let them out of the trailer unless you absolutely, for sure know that it is safe and they will reload. Good luck and welcome to TN!
To what area of Tn are you moving? I love it here in middle TN...it is the bomb!
Ethridge, TN- going to be starting up my natural training business, but will be very selective and limit the amount of horses I will work, due to family and current horse training contract with farm we will be living on...
Welcome to TN Sara! I hope your move goes smoothly with your horses and all your 'stuff'! I hate moving, but will likely be doing it myself, the good Lord willing. My father died last November and my mom moved to Cabot, AR to my brother's property. She bought a real nice modular home and set it up next door to my brother and his wife. If I can find an evening position as a medical technologist I will be moving in with her. She is almost blind and really needs someone around during the day. I will only have to bring the essentials, though...my horses, my chickens, my dog, and my clothes! Oh and some books and fishing gear...
How did your trip go?
I am also from Wi. Welcome!! Last summer my niece bought my mare so my friend and I delivered her to Wi. Longest haul we've ever made. We stopped often. Geldings need to get out every couple of hrs to relieve themselve. My mare was the only horse so she had plenty of room. I put thick mats and extra shavings down so she was nice and comfy. She did great ! She started a half hearted pawing about 6 mile from our destination :) Took us 14 hrs. Great experience but I hope I don't have to do it again. We are all meeting up in a month in the Shawnee national forest for a camping trip. That will be a piece of cake ! I din't change her feed or anything like that. I think it depends on weather conditions and your horses. She was a little stiff for a few days afterward. Happy traveling !


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