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Well...............I got lost today off Natchez Trace, but it was a good thing for the first sign that I saw said "Many Cedars" campgrounds and trail rides. Been planning for a while to visit the place and it seemed like a good time today. In short, best place I've seen yet. Most of 4th's visitors had already pulled out, so it was kind of quiet, but a great place to plan a day or weekend ride. I was down that way looking at a small parcel on the Buffalo River when I got lost. Parcel was only 4 miles from Many Cedars and now I am considering passing on it and making the trail ride place a weekend destination a couple of times a year. Everything everyone said about it was true......great place and friendly people.

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Many Cedars must've changed A LOT since we were there! We went about 6 years ago and it was AWFUL. They were cutting a lot of timber and we couldn't find the trails when we came into the clearings. It was August and HOT! One of the most miserable rides I've ever been on! But like I said, that was 6 years ago. I'd like to give it another try if it's changed that much. I'll look for some pictures taken there recently. Anyone have some posted?
Many Cedars has improved their trails greatly. We are also trying to get them to tie into the Laurel Hill trails. There is no camping at Laurel Hill so that would be a win/win situation.


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