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Well...............I got lost today off Natchez Trace, but it was a good thing for the first sign that I saw said "Many Cedars" campgrounds and trail rides. Been planning for a while to visit the place and it seemed like a good time today. In short, best place I've seen yet. Most of 4th's visitors had already pulled out, so it was kind of quiet, but a great place to plan a day or weekend ride. I was down that way looking at a small parcel on the Buffalo River when I got lost. Parcel was only 4 miles from Many Cedars and now I am considering passing on it and making the trail ride place a weekend destination a couple of times a year. Everything everyone said about it was true......great place and friendly people.

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Been many places and Many Cedars is my all time fave! Glad you enjoyed it!
I have ridden at Many Cedars many times and always enjoy it. We are working on a way to tie the trails in to Laurel Hill. So you could camp and ride both. Laurel Hill is the best place to ride, absolutely beautiful but no camping. You need to come and ride with us there. I plan on riding there tomorrow.
We have been many places also but Many Cedars is the best by far! Anyone who has not visited here should. The campsites all have water and electricity and are nice and spacious with lots of shade. Very clean campground !
I am not familiar with Laurel Hill. Where is it located in relation to Many Cedars?
When you get off the Trace to go to Many Cedars just go the opposite direction and go East under the trace. You will go about 9 miles and turn Right on VFW road (there is a Laurel Hill sign) go about 1/2 mile and turn Right on Finny Rd. Then go about a mile to trail parking on right. Maps can be found on the TWRA website by following the maps link to Region II. But part of our new trail runs along the trace and the TWRA property actually goes across and is on the Many Cedars side. There is a TWRA service road over there. It would really be a good thing to connect the two areas.
Thanks for directions. We are going down to look at Laurel Hill tomorrow afternoon and plan to ride it on the 25th and Many Cedars on the 24th.
Took your advise and went to Laurel Hill yesterday and it was great. We were worried about the heat; however, the canopy of trees shielded the sun and it was quite cool on the trail. Loved the fact that there was plenty of water for the horses. My TWH decided that it was cool enough to lay down in the creek with me on her, so we got a little wet and it also helped to keep us cool. Even as hot a day as it was, this was a great ride on the trails due to the shading of the sun. Great advise and we will be going back very soon.
Went to Laurel Hill last Sunday and it was great. Worried about the heat, but tree cover kept us very cool. It is especially great to have all that water available for the horses. We are going back there next ride since Yanahli and Williamsport are still not cleared. Would rather go to Laurel Hill anyway after being there..... a little ways for us to drive; however, a very large and pleasant place to ride. I posted some pics from last Sunday on my page.
Glad you enjoyed it. Which trail did you take?
We took the northern trail out of the parking lot that crossed several creeks and the Little Buffalo. We only had 3-4 hours to ride, so we did not make it over to the lake/dam area and actually I think we accidentally diverted off the trail a little when we made our swing back to truck, but we had fun.
we went to many cedars fourth of july weekend it was our first time and we liked it so well we reserved a campsite for labor day weekend and 4 days in oct it is by far the best place we have been.
LOVE Many Cedars! Always look forward to a trip there.


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