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I have a friend in MA that just got into walking horses. She is having problems gaiting her horse now and needs help. Does anyone know of someone in that state that either trains or has knowledge of gaited horses that could possibly help her with her horse? From what she tells me, there are very few gaited horses in that state.

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have her go to David Lichman.com and check out his clinic schedule.and,OR buy his dvd on gaited horses naturally :) Mary Ann Kennedy
She's absolutley right... I had no idea what a "gaited" horse even was (I'd heard of it, but never seen one), when I lived in CT. They are far and few between up there! Check out Larry Whitesell's webpage, www.whitesellgaitedhorsemanship.com. I think he has DVD's, and he does clinics all over the country. Clinton Anderson also has a gaited horse DVD, www.downunderhorsemanship.com. Also a lot of good info, and probably some DVD's, on Brenda Imus' webpage, www.gaitsofgold.com. Hope that helps!
Thanks to both of you. I will have her go to these websites. She is such a nice person and I feel so badly for her that she is having so much trouble getting her horse to gait.
I don't recommend Clinton Anderson's gaited horse tapes. It's disgusting that instead of actually calling the gait a flat walk (he calls it a trot). I love Clinton, don't get me wrong, however feel he should stick to the breed he's best at and that's not gaited horses. I know gaited horses who aren't as good as before after being ridden using his methods, but you can overdo anything!

I am curious if the horse ever gaited properly to begin with, which is the case of many walking horses that people sell to others through the internet. Looks like the person she bought the horse from could offer help,,,,that's who I'd call first, they should know the horse best.
Well, she did call the previous owner; it was shipped from Iowa. All they told her to do was to keep his head up and push it into its gait. I saw a video of him before she bought him and he was doing a running walk. She has since removed his shoes, so I don't know if this has thrown him out of gait or not. She is going to send me a video of him so I can see what he is doing. All she has ever ridden is hunter/jumpers and knows nothing about gaited horses.

We sell horses on the internet but our horses gait naturally. If they don't, then we tell the interested party up front. But we have very few of them that won't gait naturally. But I know what you are saying about some horses that are sold over the internet. I have watched videos of horses supposedly "gaiting" when all they are doing is pacing.

I have never watched a Clinton Anderson tape, so I cannot comment on your response concerning him. But I know that there are plenty of good tapes out there on gaited horses.

Thanks for your comment Dusty.
When you said he'd had his shoes removed, well yep that could have caused problems. I'm sure you know if you have gaited horses. I lived in AZ for 5 yrs. and there wasn't a farrier there who wouldn't try and shoe my walker like he was a quarter horse. They all wanted to square his toes, etc. and one made him so lame he could barely walk, much less gait. I think their feet are a really big part of their gaiting properly, perhaps you can see if the farrier changed his angles or anything, but without seeing it's hard to tell.
The bit she's using and saddle fit or position could also be a factor in this issue, some people put the saddle too far forward on the horse and it inhibits shoulder movement, but I agree that being barefoot when he possibly isn't used to it could also contribute.


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