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Not really sure how to share a map, but I uploaded a map of Franklin State Forest to my photos.  If you're going to print I'd recommend tabloid size paper unless you're in the habit of carrying a magnifying glass with you on your horse . . *G*

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Casey, have you ridden the trails here? If so, how would you describe them and your experience?
Franklin forest is one of the most beautiful, free, and peaceful rides you will ever take. If you cross the road at the ranger station and follow the markers you will have a super 3 hr ride to the bluff and back. The views are inspiring and the path is easy mostly soil with some rocky hills. When the water is up you have streams (I must add they are beautifu) to cross. When you enter you will leave your cares outside.
Thanks, Peggy! What an awesome description. Are the trails well marked? Do you know if they close any for hunting season?
hey Peggy,how do you get to Franklin forest,I've heard so much about it,a couple of us want to ride there Thurs.I would be coming from Murfreesboro
Can you give directions from Murfressboro?
Type your zip code in on this website for directions...
thanks for posting this link, I will have to try this ride soon
oh my what a great place to ride,really enjoyed it, just wish we knew alittle more of where we were going but georgous.......
Great map!
Some friends and I rode at Franklin State Forest this weekend. It was a lovely day; the leaves were crunching underfoot and the trail was dry. We rode to Hotel Point and hung out for a bit. Beautiful!
Rode there a few weeks ago...beautiful, peaceful, and calming.  Trails are easy enough for beginner rider and/or young horse.  The park ranger that oversees the property is super nice and helpful.  I've called with questions a few times and he has been great to deal with.
Sherri, Could you share the number you called?  I'd like to have a number handy to call about hunting seasons (times to avoid!).


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