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Within the last few weeks, horse flies have EXPLODED in swarms in west TN. For some reason, my chestnut gelding is their target, and he is being harassed non-stop. I apply fly spray daily and feed apple cider vinegar, but is anyone really having any luck beating the flies? I am going through fly spray like water, which gets expensive... does anyone have any home recipes for fly spray that actually works? Or even a bottled fly spray that works? 

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Pyranha is the best I have found and it is available locally.
Amen. Flies are HORRID this year in the West of the state. I agree with pyranha (sp)? But I have only seen the aerosol work, the regular spray is no better than any other I have found. It does have permethrin and pyrethrin I believe. The roll on repellent works very well, but you need a second job :(
i have heard to use garlic in there food, but when they sweat they will smell like it.
You mention that your horse is a chestnut. Monty Roberts says that a chestnut's skin is more sensitive than other colors (similar to human redheads). My poor filly is being eaten alive also. Have started feeding garlic & their crap sure smells. I also use fly preds & a horse pal, which helps, I agree with you about the fly population having exploded in the past few weeks.
I sat in the fly spray aisle of Rural King for what seemed like an eternity yesterday. I could not decide! I ended up dropping $30 on another quart jug of Repel concentrate. That seems to work the best, considering they don't have Pyranha in aerosol bottles there. I did sniff at the regular Pyranha spray and it barely had a scent.
I have gotten a few people in the stables hooked on ACV for their horses. I had a guy tell me that he watched my horses stand next to other horses that were being swarmed and mine never even were bothered. I guess I have the normal flies under control, but the horse flies are ruthless!!


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