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Well, I am finally going to make it to Timber Ridge after reading all the great comments and I am so excited.  I am debating whether or not we need to shoe the horses.  We have a mule and a horse that have been riden at LBL and Seven Springs without shoes and have done well, but I would hate to get there and decide I should have shoed.  I also have boots, but they are very new and I am not sure I trust them completely.  Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?  I would much appreciate it!  And if there is any thing else I should know that would be much appreciated too!  I am so excited to finally get to go to this area!

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 Horses need to be shod when the wear exceeds the new growth or when the rocks cause the horse hoofs to get sore. Soreness in thier hoof and sliping can cause body soreness too. Traction is why we keep our horses and mules shod front and behind with borium heel and toe .  We need our animals sound and ready to go any where and anytime. I hope this is of some help. What works for you is best for you.   SEEYA ON THE TRAIL.  MIKE $ MISSY

The trails there are pretty sandy but I have boots for mine also. If you ride at LBL with no problem yours will probably be fine there and Happy Trails. That is a favorite place of mine. We will be there for Easter week-end.

I ride there alot and Rocky is barefoot,but like Linda I always have boots,the trails are great

Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom.  Is there a farrier close by in case we have an issue?  And Linda, we are going to be there the same week-end!  We are staying in Jakes cabin so please stop by so we can meet!

Angela we will be in the cabin with the bathroom and kitchen. I am leading an Easter service in the common room and we will have a light breakfast after to share and fellowship. Hope to meet up and ride and that you will come and enjoy our service also.

Angela, Timber Ridge is the only place we go in BSF.  I did take my Renegades (on my first trip there) but never used them.  Doc never had a bruise or chip.  We will be there too for Easter holiday.  Hope to meet you there and am looking forward to Linda's service.

I've ridden my barefoot horses there with no problems.  I'd take the boots, just in case, but you probably won't need them.  Have a blast!

Thanks everyone.  You have all made me feel so much better.  I have never been to BSF and we are so looking forward to this trip.  I cannot wait to meet everyone!


we have a cabin near Timber Ridge and we always shoe our horses even the one with the tuff feet.  Each tril in Big South Fork has different footing, if you ride more north it is steeper and rockier.  Right by TR is not so rocky but again if you ride the O&w river trail which is beautiful it has some rocks on it.


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