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There is a local Franklin, TN family (mother, father, five children) who are in desperate need of your help. They are experiencing tremendous medical and financial issues and recently had their automobile repossessed in order to meet other obligations. If you have a vehicle that you can donate, they need it to make necessary doctor and hospital visits, search for employment, get food and personals. Any type of quality of vehicle would be appreciated (but please, nothing on four legs).

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I have a 99 Ford 4-door Ranger that I was going to sell but I really don't like people I don't know coming to the house. If this will serve their needs I would be happy to let them have it. It runs great, but hasn't been started in awhile. I'm sure I'll have to jump it to start it, but the battery was fine when I ran it 6 months ago. Everything on it works, cruise control, CD Player, Automatic Transmission, everything works. I look at my life as a blessing with these horses and all, so I feel He'd be disappointed if I didn't share His gifts with them. Just let me know if it will serve your needs and it's yours. Caution, it really needs a bath, really bad and I don't know if I'll get time to do it. Let me know....Margo

Margo, let me know how I can contact you.


Mike do they attend a church in their area. That is always a good place to start but I will also share this on fb. Sorry but we have not extra vehicles.
I'm not sure what church they used to attend, at this time they have no transportation to a church and they are too proud to ask for help. The source of any donations will be kept confidential.

 Hey Mike I can send you a few dollars (check) and you can get them some gas or what ever. All I need is an address to mail it to. Always willing to give to those who have less and in need....Larry

My husband Ted and I would also like to send a $$$ donation to this family. Whom do I send it to?

Thank you,

Barbara Greene


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