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Does anyone know the date of the Fall Strolling Jim Trail ride?

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I have heard the second week of Oct but I will find out for sure and let u know.
Stepahnie the Strolling Jim ride is Oct 10th

Happy Trails!
Thanks that helps out alot with my schedule.
I'm new to this state. Where can I get info on this ride? Thanks for any help.
Nancy - the Fall Strolling Jim ride is on Oct 10th this year and held in Wartrace, Tn. This is a very small town near Shelbyville, Tn. It is an organized day ride that starts at 10 am and we ride for 1 1/2 hours and then stop for a provided lunch on the trail and then ride again. So be sure to bring a halter and lead. There is no alcohol allowed. The trail is not difficult. They can get 400+ riders so it is a big ride. It is a lot of gaited horses but there is a lot of walking. This year it was $15. If you can find Wartrace on a map and get there you will be able to find the parking area. The early starting time makes for an early start from home! They also hold one in the Spring. Dawn
Thanks so much for the info. I'll check my map to see if it's "doable". Sounds like it would be a nice ride and great way to meet other riders. Nancy
It is usually the 2nd Sat. in October. I'm going too! We're gonna have a ball lol.
Do they have camping spots, or just a day ride deal?
Julie - No camping, only a day ride, but lasts about 4 or 5 hours all together.


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