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Has anyone stayed at East Fork and if so are there better places to park a couple of lq horse trailers or is any good. Also how are the trails ( marked good and such) ? mike

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Hi Mike,
They have pleanty of parking for day riders and campground "A" has water, electric and sewer. There are several pull thru sites. The trails are very well marked and they also let you know the difficulty and ride time. We will be going back in October. You will enjoy!!
We have stayed at East Fork several times and love it. We like the A campground because of the sewer hookups.The trails are well marked but having a gps with you might come in handy. We've also stayed a couple of places in Big South Fork, but enjoy East Fork more.
Love East Fork. Haven't gone this year, but have been there several times. Will definitely go back.
I live right by EF, it's a wonderful place to camp and ride. The trails there are very well maintained and the maps are easy and perfect. If you get lost there.... well it's pretty impossible. There are wonderful overlooks, and deep forested lanes, there are a lot of open trails ( sunny). The campsites are always clean and level and lots of them have panel pens or you can use a stall. They are nice and airy.
As far as the trails, they have from easy flat and wide to very challenging. They are well marked for their levels of difficulty.
The staff is great and always willing to help you out.
AS far as cabins, they have a wonderful assortment from primitive to ones with hot tubs.
It's a great place to ride, really.
thank you all of you for your info. another question we may be going during the week of the octoberfest as we are nondrinkers and christians will this cause a conflict. mike
i forgot do you need to make reervations?
We have always made reservations, but we usually go for a week and meet up with a group of friends from KY, IN, TN and AL, so we always want to be sure we get camp sites together and make sure everyone has a spot for that week.
thank you for the info mike
East Fork is one of my favorite horse camps. There are campsites to accomodate large rigs with full hook ups. They also have a nice bath house, one large barn and several other barns. The trails are marked well. You can ride easy trails or more challenging ones. There is enough riding for a week's stay or longer. Lots of pretty overlooks and a waterfall at Deer Gap. We have ridden it in the spring, fall, and winter (Nov) and have never tired of it. If you go, ENJOY!
What are the average temps in October in East Fork.Also are the ground bees and ticks bad there then.I just want to come prepared.We are planning on staying a week so we can ride a lot of the trails.Thanks.
I wish I could tell you about the temps, and other as I have not ever stayed at east fork as of yet. mike
I have been to East Fork in the spring, fall, and even a cold November and never had a whole lot of problems with ticks or bees. In May when we go is usually when we see the ticks. I don't remember any in October. I am actually, Lord willing, going down next week. We are going to stay Sun - Thurs to miss the Labor Day crowd. Hopefully, the ticks will leave us alone. If you have never been, I think you will like it. You can ride beginner or harder rides. Wide trails or goat paths. The trails are marked really well. I love going there.


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