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The Big Leaf and Umbrella Magnolia trees are blooming this week! If you have never seen these bloom, you should make a trip to the Cumberland Plateau, especially the Big South Fork area, these trees have leaves up to 36" long, a abloom the size of a dinner plate! They do not bloom every year, but they will be in full bloom this weekend.

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Beautiful trees, love seeing them. there are a couple variety's of big leaf magnolias around, however the differences are minor, you'd have to lay the two side by side to see the difference. first of all I'm a logger/sawmiller and I kind of know trees, but I'm gettin tired of cuttin em down. Secondly for years I've frequently driven a couple crazy botanists around, one of them is my brother and the other is the wife of a well known previous state politician. But when I start doing more horse camping on weekends I'll start making them drive themselves around. Sometimes I get tired of the "stop! back up" routine anyway. rather be out ridin through nature instead of inspecting every flower and weed in great detail.
Don't miss the forest, looking at the trees, but, don't miss the trees looking at the forest! That's what so great about riding a horse throught the woods, you can enjoy it all, if you open your eyes, and enjoy where you are. My mare is such a great trail horse, all I have to do is sit there, and take it all in, however sometimes she wants to see something off the trail, and if I'm not paying attention, here we go off through the woods... but most of the time we're just plodding down the trail. Doop DEE Doop....
Hey Ed, See you this weekend, the "Hootie Hooos" are partying/camping at Saddle Valley ! :-)
Can't wait, actually got two days off from work in a row !!!!
Iwas told I "get to go"with y'all! I guess all you pretty women need a good man to show you around the woods!
Hootie Hooooo, sounds good to me : - )
See you tomorrow.................
Crap! Working this weekend, but gonna be at Timber Ridge for the Women on the Edge ride in June! Can't wait!


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