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Does anyone know where I can take my horses to ride in NC on the beach?

 I wanted to go to North Carolina in March from the 4th-14th. I didnt know of any beaches horses were allowed. I wanted to camp out with my horses and dog, and then ride them around and also go on the beach. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Mary ! My son is stationed at Camp Lajune, NC. Emerald Isle is near there and I know there is a horse rental there. I've seen riders and they allow pets on leashes. Not sure if you could take your own horse but it would be a place to start looking anyway :)

If you are not that commited to NC , at certain times of the year, you can ride on Myrtle Beach SC and you can ride on Amelia Island Florida year round.  you cant camp on the beach at either location, but at Amelia Island, you can camp close enough that it is just a short ride to the beach. 

there is a campground in Maryland, where i stayed last year that is right on the beach.  It is a former military base and the cannons and underground bunkers are still there.  If you wanted to go down toward Marianna florida, just south of the city are several beaches that allow camping and riding. 

all of these are a days drive from Nashville.

sorry I couldnt help you with a beach ride in North Carolina. there is an old west town, called Love Valley near Statesville with several miles of trails. it is very unique.

There are two horse facilities in the outer banks, one of them is in Buxton. You may be able to get a stall or paddock there and camp right down the road at Cape Hatteras. There is a KOA in Rodanthe, but that is not as close to Buxton. I think a friend of mine might know someone at the stables in Buxton. Let me check it out and get back to you.


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