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does anyone know if many cedars is closing after this season?

we were told this past weekend that many cedars would be closing after this riding season to open a christian camp. does anyone have any info on this.we were told they are letting the lease go on all the trails? really gonna miss it if this is true!!has anyone else heard anything about this?

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Word is that it has sold if the financing goes through and they plan to keep it open this season regardless. It is possible that the new owner will keep the horses there as well as add a few other things.
I heard that it was up for sale for some sort of camp also...too bad because it was close to us, reasonably priced, and the cabins, barn, and campground were real nice. I just heard this weekend. Bummer!
I heard sunday they were making a christan camp and are letting the lease go on the land
same thing i heard sunday also. we are going camping there labor day wkend so i hope to find out for sure whats up then. its sad cause they have such an awesome campground and good trails ya know.
An update..... as per Ken who works at Many Cedars, the deal fell through on the Christian Camp and Many Cedars still belongs to Michael Barnes. It will not be closing this season. Michael will be keeping it open as long as he has it.
well thats good for us,bad for him i guess...thats pretty much the best campground around here
I just got of the phone with Laura 5 minutes ago, she said the Christian Camp fell through, they could not come up with the finances, BUT there is another man looking at it right now. They will be open until the end of October this year. She also said that to the best of her knowledge, if the guy looking at it does buy it, he intends to keep it business as usual. So we still have some hope in this great place to ride.
Duane Lovett


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