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I went riding last thursday by my self and my dogs at red oak. I rode yesterday by myself with my dogs at granville. I think I might go today with my dogs.

The weather is perfect does anybody have free time to ride this week? I'll go anywhere with anybody. I have an extra horse if needed, and a three horse trailer.


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I appreciate your sympathy. I got sabrina about four years ago to keep My horse Baby Shamanjed company in the pasture, a couple of years ago I got chunky Butt so I had three. Sabrina was old about 30 is my guess. Chunky had started to pick on her a couple of weeks ago. Baby would stick up for her being the alpha of the group. In the last couple of days I saw a change even Baby was tired of Sabrina . She was sticking to him like glue so chunky would keep his distance. I don't know what started it ,she got cornered in the shed and Baby kicked his foot though a wall and Baby kicked her ribs in. Baby has evidence of a kick between his fron legs that had to be Chunky Butt. After I buried her they both were hollering for her. She was so sweet. It just sucks.
I have a feeling there are alot of people on this site that feel the same way about their critters.
I am thankful to have found TTR.



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