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I went riding last thursday by my self and my dogs at red oak. I rode yesterday by myself with my dogs at granville. I think I might go today with my dogs.

The weather is perfect does anybody have free time to ride this week? I'll go anywhere with anybody. I have an extra horse if needed, and a three horse trailer.


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Chris, we are going to ride this week. But have not firmed up times and place, will know by tonight. We are in middle TN.
Blessings, Linda
Sounds good I have been riding barefoot But maybe I ought to shoe my horse today. What kind of trails do you like?
Chris, we ride a variety. Check out my page and see my pics. I just don't do the steep dangerous type. We are riding tomorrow with a friend in Shelbyville on one of the local farms. Would you like to meet us? Call my house: 931-840-6107 or cell: 931-334-4399. It is an easy short ride. My friend is a local trainer but has an inner ear problemand cannot ride on hills. So we do this for him to have company once in awhile. You will like him. We are then riding Saturday, I think at Primm Springs just west of Columbia. I can give you directions if you want to come.
Linda thanks for the invite. I put shoes on my horse today instead of riding, so I am ready for anything. I live a couple hours from Shelbyville so it wouldn't make sense for me to come down for a short ride. I might be interested in the primm springs ride on saturday. How long will you ride there? What time would you head out?

Chris, we are meeting at 11am to ride about 4-5 hrs. It is west of Columbia. Where are you located? You said two hrs from Shelbyville, but what direction? Primm Springs is old roads through the hills. It is shady and the creek either runs along beside the road or crosses it. It is lovely and easy. You could meet us in Columbia or I can give you directions. The only problem is cell phones do not work there.
Linda would you mind giving me directions to Primm Springs? Alan and I rode there with the Maury Mounted Ministry and would like to go back sometime.

Linda Ferree
Primm Springs - From Columbia take hwy 50 West, go past Williamsport and The Trace, at Shady Grove (there are a couple of stores) turn Right on Leatherwood. Go to stop sign and turn Right, go a mile or so and take 2nd paved road to Left this is Primm Springs. You then go about 5mi ?, will pass 4-rail black wood fence, road is very hilly will finally level out and cross a bridge, then will be a large newer 2-story brick house on your left surrounded by a hay field, you then turn Right onto Tom Patton. This is the dirt road you park along and ride. We will be there at 11am Saturday. Cell phones do not work there.
Blessings, Linda
Thank you Linda
Hey Linda, I was having problems signing in to TTR yesterday. I live 15 minutes from Long C trails if you know where that is. I am about two miles from the KY border. I will call you tomorrow evening if I decide to come down to Primm Spring Saturday.

Again Thanks for the invite.
Chris, I have been wanting to ride at Long C. I am going to Bucksnort next week, probably on Thursday as it looks like rain Mon-Wed. But, maybe we can do a day-ride the next week there. Hope you can ride with us on Saturday. If so you can meet me at the BP station at 9:45am. It is on hwy 50/Tom Hitch. You would get off at the Columbia exit #47/ where Cracker Barrel is. Turn right toward Columbia at the first light (Tom Hitch) turn left and go to BP station about 1-2miles.
Blessings, Linda
Long C is definitely my stompin grounds call me when y'all what to ride there I will join you 615-688-7601.
I don't think I am going to make it to Primm Springs tomorrow. I am feeling a little Blue my old mare died yesterday. She was just a babysitter for my horse but I loved her anyway.
It is about a two and a half hour ride to Primm Springs from here, I wouldn't mind if it was a camping trip. I hope y'all have fun.

So sorry to hear about your mare. I had to put my 25-year-old mustang down around this time last year, and I was blue for a long time. He was my best friend in the whole world. I sympathize with your sadness. Jeannie C.


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