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Do you think it would be a good idea to feature a horse for AUCTION on TTR?

I was thinking of ways to help those who need to sell (and buy) horses and considered a horse AUCTION on this website.  Once I hear from those who would like to auction their horse(s), I could feature one horse per week and give people a chance to place a "silent bid' on the horse...the horse could then be awarded to the highest bidder.  Would you be interested in featuring your horse and/or buying a horse in the auction?  Your thougts would be appreciated.


Always trying to help,


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I wouldn't buy a horse this way, I'd never buy a horse without first seeing it in person.
I wouldn't buy a horse this way, neither would I ever sell a horse this way!!!!! Any horse I was to sell, I would want control over who it was going to.
Maybe you could put on an actual Horse Auction at a barn or Sale Ground. It can be held by TTR and you can have consignment fees. There are always people looking to buy or sell a good trail or show horse in our area. You know Mike and I would bring some to sell and be there to set in everything that came through the ring. Our Uncle Dave auctions Woodbury Horse Sale and Sale of Champions Arena Horse Sale. He would be the perfect autcioneer. I agree with everyone else, it would be hard for me to bid a good price on a horse to just take a chance on.
Mike, I know other sites do it, but I just couldn't sell my horses to an auction.
My horses have aways been part of my family. When I sell, it breaks my heart.I think we should just use the site just how we are now.


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