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Hi all...

I understand the Dickson and Alexandria sales are this Saturday. Has anyone ever been?  Is it possible to find a quality horse there for a reasonable price?  


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Good luck. All the good horses are going out of state for people willing to pay for a good trail horse. What you will get there are horses that are just sale barn horses. If you want some thing to keep buy from some one that will let you come ride the horse. Cost a lot less in the long run
Thanks for the honest review! I've only been to the Greenville sale, which ran through some decent horses for okay prices. Sounds like that might not be the case with Alexandria or Dickson...

We've got three horses already (bought from private sellers), but we're in the market for another....just trying the sales in addition to watching the online sale sites, too.
Hi Pam,
What are you looking for? Some friends have a spotted saddle mare for sale very reasonable and a good mare.


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