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I was wondering if anyone had been to Eminence and what did you think about it? Which ride did you go on ?




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We have been on this ride  for 25 years. I used to go in May, June, August and October. Now just go in August because that is when my daughter and s-i-l like to go. the best riding weather is in May and October, not as many kids and great weather. June is a toss up, August is great for playing on the river, We ride for a couple hours in the early morning then play on the river the rest of the day. Trails are as easy or hard as you want to go on. No Woodbury stuff though. 3 meals a day buffet style, a band every night, a crappy one but a band. they have a website if ya wanna look stuff up. We will be going in August so if ya decide to go, let me know and we will look ya up. Happy trails
Thanks for the info. I think that we are gonna try the last ride in October. That way we can have a smaller crowd and enjoy a little more riding.

Oh it's not a smaller crowd. It is the biggest ride of the year, usually around 1500 people, sometimes more. Just not as many kids, but there still are plenty of people who take their kids out of school for the week. It is great riding in October. Have a good time


I know people who always go on the Oct. ride and if you like to party and hang out with the wild gang you should like this ride.  Yes it's not a small ride either.  I know the scenery at Loretta Lynn's is not as good but if you want more of a family atmosphere I'd suggest Loretta Lynn's instead of Eminence, MO.


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