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Hi Everyone!  I haven't been on here in awhile...hope all is well!


Is anyone doing the competitive trail rides?  I heard about them but don't know much.  Please 'fess up what you know!


Have a great day!



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I just joined ACTHA and my first ride will be March 5th at the Patterson Ranch is Charlotte, TN. I will let you know how it goes. You could always show up and ask questions and check it out.

I'm in Dickson...do you have the details?  I may get a chance to go if I can get my truck situation squared away.  Nothing like jumping in with all four feet!  lol

Look up Patterson Ranch on FB. They have a page there. Details are limited on ACTHA's page unless you are a member, but the address will be listed. The ranch is on Hwy 49. Ride entry is $58 for each day, overnite camping is 10, meals are 10, pasture for your horse is 5, outside stall is 10 and inside stall is 15. These fees are per day. The trails are fine for barefooters, with only 2 short rocky sections.
Thanks for the info!  I will let you know if I get to go.  Would be great to meet you. :)
Hilda, I'm going to friend you on the ACTHA website........OKAY?
Sounds good! I try to log on to ACTHA's page once a day.
I plan on going also, the ACTHA ride.....kinda don't know what to expect, so guess I'll jump in too... 

I've never done much the easy way so....lol!  Are you going up Friday?  I most likely will just to get my horse settled.  He hasn't been too many places.  :)

Sharon - did you get to go?  I would love to hear about it if you did!  I ended up not being able to go that weekend.
Yes I did get to go...........had a great time, even though it was cold out.  I think we are planning on going to the April 9th ACTHA ride and then Many Cedars, May 21 and 22.  I ended up 4th in the open, one point separating 3rd and 4th.  So see about coming out to these rides.  Everybody is friendly.   
I've done it once and enjoyed it.  About 25 people showed up.  It was very enlightening to say the least and made me realize how much work I need to with my horse in order to actually score some points!  However, I did win "Best Dressed!"  I think they felt sorry for me!  Very nice people.  I would encourage you to attend.  I would highly recommend going to the set and printing out the list of obstacles and things that they could use on the ride.  You never know which ones they will choose and I think they usually have about 10 different things.
Beth....what kind of dress code is there?


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