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Hi Everyone!  I haven't been on here in awhile...hope all is well!


Is anyone doing the competitive trail rides?  I heard about them but don't know much.  Please 'fess up what you know!


Have a great day!



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I am attending an ACTHA Ride this weekend, in Prospect TN.  The weather looks great and I'm hoping my horse has settled down a little.  We didn't do so well at the ride in Charlotte, but Lyn has a great place to ride with wide open fields where we can stretch out and run.  Hope to see everyone there. 
Hello everyone - My husband Michael and I recently joined ACTHA and also attended the Patterson ride as well as the Prospect ride.  We really enjoyed the rides and meeting all the participants.  We will be attending the April 9th ride at Natchez Trac.  The thing I am enjoying the most is that we now know that all or our time learning the natural horsemanship method is paying off.  Our boys can do all of the obstacles just as well as the other horses without bridles, spurs or whips.  When we have low scores it is our own doing.  It is a great venue to practice different things and enhances our training.  I am with you about being able to do whatever I want with our horses whenever I want and I try never to tie them to the trailer unless I have to.  Hope to see you all soon!

Glad to see you here and that you will be attending my ride on the 9th!!  West Tennessee will be a great venue for ACTHA rides...  We are planning a great "series" of rides with some great prizes.



Sherry, are you competing bitless?     I would love to do it bitless, but my friend Katy was disqualified for competing bitless, apparently it's against the rules :(.    Did they change that?
Colleen, this isn't one of the ATCHA trail challenges but a Fun obstacle / trail challenge.  Visit horsehaventn.org  under events- we have several scheduled this year. It is just for FUN for the organization to raise money for next winters hay, so come join us.  It is held at Lovingood Ranch 3203 Miser Station Road
Louisville, TN 37777-3611
Thanks Sandra! :)

Hi sandra,

Is this the one on the Trace?


No - just a fund raiser at Lovingood Ranch



Hi everyone, there is a ACTHA ride on the weekend of April 19th too, they will have an equine natural balancing desntist and natural hoof care ferrier doing demonstrations too.  its at Natchez Trace park i think the same as the ride on the 9th.
different affiliates (hosts) different trails etc.. but both are at Natchez Trace State Park in Wildersville

Where along the Trace? I am located south of Lawrenceburg, TN. so the Trace runs along quite a few  miles!!! Very interested in attending and hearing from the natural hoof care person. Not too many "good" ferriers in my area of the woods.


Sheila - the farrier who will be at the 4/19 ride is my farrier, Steve Johnson.  He is amazing!  Seriously, I call him before I think about calling a vet for any lameness issue.  It would be worth going just to hear what he has to say...I'm just a little biased can you tell?   :)


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