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Hi Everyone!  I haven't been on here in awhile...hope all is well!


Is anyone doing the competitive trail rides?  I heard about them but don't know much.  Please 'fess up what you know!


Have a great day!



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There isn't one, but one lady showed up with a long skirt on riding a TN Walker!  I was just in my usual short sleeved cowboy shirt, belt and hat with boots.

I have been competing in ACTHA events for one year,  and have hosted one ACTHA ride.  I am currently setting up 2 rides for this spring.  What I like about these events is that it is very casual, but you do get to challenge yourself and your horse.  The obstacles are naturally based, and this is not a race.  You can ride at your own pace, with a group or by yourself.  The only requirements for the way you dress is that your legs are covered, you are wearing riding boots, and Juniors must have on helmets.  I have really enjoyed meeting new people, and getting to ride in places that are not otherwise open to the public. 

Where are your ACTHA rides located?
Each one is different.  You can go to the ACTHA website and click on your State and it will show each ride and the date.  You kind sign up to get emails that notify you when new ones are scheduled.

They will be at Many Cedars in Hohenwald.  I just listed them in the events section.  May 21 &22.  They will be up soon on the ACTHA website. 

Hey Stephanie,  I plan on coming to your ACTHA ride, but I need to save up alittle money first...Thanks for your help...Sharon  

We are hosting an ACTHA ride at Natchez Trace State Park (West TN) April 9th..

It has been a long time coming in West TN.

check out our events page - we will be adding more events in the near future..

a "flyer" is available on the date each ride will be hosted - just click on the thumbnail to see a full size copy of the flyer.


I think I would like to try an ACTHA ride this year too.       I was going to try NATRC rides, but another friend of mine went to the Convention in Nashville and said they were the rudest people she'd ever encountered.   Not a good first impression at all.     This will be the first year they will allow hoof boots to be worn as well, which was a big hit for me.    But a huge negative about NATRC is that they require you to tie yur horse to the trailer, no stalls or corrals, and you CAN NOT touch them after a certain time in the evening.   Now I don't know about everyone else, but there is no way I can tie my horse to a trailer, and then not touch (pet feed water... nothing) them until the morning.     I'll lose based on that count alone, lol.      Another thing I liked about the NATRC was they do not time you, you have 4-6 hours to complete the course.    In fact, if you go too fast, you will lose. 

AERC has similar rules about tieing I think, and they are an actual RACE.  They don't care what tack, protection or horse wear you use, however.    Thier "races" are much longer, too.   My horses are much too slow for that, lolol.


So, I'm thinking a 6 mile course that I can do at my own speed sounds more and more appealing.     There are several rides near me, at East Fork Stables, and at Big South Fork.

casual competition!!!  and what I love most is that it is NOT a race, so you really get to show off the training and partnership between you and your horse.  The obstacles themselves are timed - but no reward for finishing it faster.. the time allowance is only so that everyone has the same amount of time to complete the obstacle or move on to the next. 

I went to my first ACTHA ride at the Patterson Ranch and It was AWESOME! Some of the nicest horse people I have ever met. Safety is a main concern, for both  horses and riders. Everyone was supportive and you can pet, groom, feed your horse anytime. I can't wait til the next one. I am hooked!

AERC has no rules about tieing or anything that says you can't touch your horse-it is a VERY horse health oriented sport. You can participate with a goal of finishing with a sound horse, or being top 10-totally up to you. If your horse can do a 6 mph pace, you can complete AERC rides within the time alloted.

Anyone interested in more information feel free to contact me, or go on up to LBL im May and participate or volunteer!


Jackie, that's cool to know. I just don't think my horse (or me! lol) can go fast enough for thier rides.     I don't think he goes 6 mph with any consistency (can you say lazy?).     I even bought an arab years ago with the goal of competing, and he's the laziest arab on earth and has the choppiest trot to go with it.  Sigh..... I just not meant to compete.    However, I would love to volunteer and watch and see how it all works.    Are there any Big South Fork rides this year?


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