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I called my vet today to find out how much coggins test is this year, and I was shocked to find out that it is $ 36.00 for one horse. For me that is $6.00 more than last year. How much is everyone else paying in the Nashville area?

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Just got one back yesterday. The cost was $24 at his clinic in the Mt. Juliet/Lebanon area.
$15 at Huntingdon animal clinic. Health certificates are also free if you are a client.
Yeah, Here in NW Wyoming it is $15.00 for Coggins and Health. I just got one on Monday.
going to do coggins test this morning and it will cost 22.00 each in manchester tn. i would do it in my home town woodbury ,but one vet is in alaska at the dog race which is 20.00 there. the other one said he doesn't do it anymore. so instead of 15miles i am going 40miles one way.
I payed $30 per horse to Franklin Equine Services in December plus a $10 trip charge for him to come out.
I paid $30, last year it cost me $20 but I used a different vet this year. Both in the same county.


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