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Is coggins test cost determined by what area of town you live in? If there is a vet that reads this, can you explain why my area is so much more expensive than every one else? I have 9 horses, that is unbelievable.

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I am not a vet, but was a tech for 10 years. The clinic I worked for, basically did not want to treat large animals. It is messy, you have to travel, and lots of people won't pay for much on a cow or horse, vs. Fluffy the dog. They priced themselves way up, to avoid doing them, without telling clients "No we won't see your horse". Large animal facilities and equipment is outrageously expensive compared to small animal drugs and surgical equiptment. Most vet clinics use Antech Lab services nowadays, and they charge the same fee for each test.

Now, large animal practices, I have seen depends on the neighborhood. Small town Huntingdon is still cheap. But he doesn't have high dollar surgical tilt tables, etc. The median income in Huntingdon is way less than say, Nashville. So John Brown here, can't pay $150 each for his 6 pasture pals vaccinations, the way a well-to-do Dr.s wife will on her horses. Is it fair?? Not at all, but that's how they pay for state of the art vet medicine and cutting -edge care. And their mortgages.

Edited to add, Dr. Butler has tons of horses come from all over the state, and KY, so load them up and bring them over! You would save a bunch, even with the fuel costs on anything major.
I thought something like that had to be happening, but I didn't know for sure.
Where is Dr Butler located?
Thanks for info.
Waverly animal clinic did mine and they charge $20. for coggins. My boss told me that he took 3 horses to Southside clinic in Clarksville and all the shots, dewormed and coggins, for all 3 horses, was $234.00. You might want to check that place out. I didn't want to haul that far so I had the vet at Waverly do mine.
Huntingdon Animal Clinic, Huntingdon Tn. It's about thirty miles N. of I-40 in west TN. If I were you I would call some of the small town clinics near you, or try to find a specific equine vet.
i had java coggins and vaccinations and farm call for 142.00 i live in west knoxville thought that was reasonable. while on this subject isn't getting a coggins pulled whether they leave the farm or not a tennessee state law and who do we need to contact that will do anything about it if this isn't being done. a lady where i board has two horses and she will not worm or vaccinate or pull coggins on her horses and when talked to about it she says she doesn't have to pull a coggins because they don't leave the farm can anyone give me info and who to call about this and is there anything i can do about this situation.
No, coggins doesn't have to be pulled unless they are going out of state or if they leave the farm to go on trail rides or horses show etc.But who ever the owner of that barn should have made it a manatory thing, to do such things as that once a year. I for sure wouldn't board there if the owner doesn't check for coggins when they first come in.
thanks susan i need to find another place because i know of six new horses on the other pasture that the same man owns and my guess is that he doesn't have a coggins on those guys either when i took my horse there he didn't ask for a coggins i offered a copy for him to have on file. he is old school and thinks it is just a way for government and vets to get more money and doesn't think you should have to have a coggins pulled. he is such a nice man and the place is a great place just hate to leave but i want the other boarders to care enough about their horses to pull a coggins and vaccinate and worm their horses as i do mine maybe that is asking to much.


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