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Hey y'all, we are hosting two young ladies who are midway through a ride from northern Michigan to Houston, TX. They are sisters and are raising money for their church to pay for three fresh water wells in Haiti. They have been camping and picket their horses. Here with us, they are in the cabin and their horses are on a paddock. They are going to rest for a few days and wait for the rain to clear out. They are then going to be heading out from Martin, TN to Jackson, TN on their way to their next big stop in Mississippi.....they like to ride about 12 miles a day. Is there anyone in Greenfield, TN, Milan, TN and Jackson who may be able to give them a safe place to put their sleeping bags and picket their horses for a night? If you are south of Jackson, we wouuld love to hear from you as well for their journey south.....if you can help, or know of someone with a farm close to TN HWY 45, would you e-mai me at mulelady@frontiernet.net or feel free to give me a call at 731-514-4068...thanks so much! Deb and the longears

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Dont know if Many Cedars here in Hohenwald Tn. is within the reach of their route but they are welcome here  :)!!! I would be honored to accomidate them in their cause!

Hey Toni, thank you so much for the offer....but Hohenwald is way east of their route...they will be hitting Greenfield, then Milan and Jackson - HWY 45 south....then toward Henderson and Selmer...south of I-40. Keep us in mind if you have friends in the area......thanks again!

 Ahh...I was so wanting to meet these two gals,five horses,and a dog...I love them for all that they are already...But you must go as guided always and if I come across anyone that could help them I'll let ya know as I will be bringing their cause and quest up in conversations with like minded folk!!! Till then ya'll have all my blessings!!!


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