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Please watch the Diane Sawyer special tonight on the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. These are the people I have been sharing with you. Please pray for me the ministry God has given me and how you can help also.


The are; The People of the Horse


I will be posting later about the plans for next summer and they are awesome!

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It was a moving 20/20 presentation. I understand why you love those people so much.


Thanks hon! But what the it did not show was all the wonderful people who have become my friends that are working hard to change things and improve the lives of everyone on the Rez and especially the next generation. A part of what I do is recognize, encourage and assist them with their projects. I can hardly wait to get back there next May. Plan is to leave TN on May 31...will be sharing more of the plans later but they are awesome!
I was inspired to send a check after watching this. Like Suzanne said, it was very moving and touched my heart.

Thanks Margo, we need more people like you.



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