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Has anyone stayed at Charitt Creek Lodge and if so, any tips, feedback? Thanks.

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I haven't camped there, but I have been there and checked out the place. It's pretty cool. You can carry in your food or you can pay them to cook for you. The trails from there are real nice, and seemed easy to ride. The road getting in there that you will probably have to ride your horses down ( but there are other ways to get there) is REALLY steep and about a mile long. When I say steep, I mean that it is drivable in a truck with 4 wheel drive, But you know that you can 't drive to the camp, right?
There's plenty of places to hang out in the quiet and enjoy the area.
I have ridden my horse there many times and had lunch on the porch. It is a beautiful peaceful area. I have friends who have eaten there and they say it is good. If you want an 1800's experience you will enjoy it. Be Blessed!
We do a trip to Charit Creek every year. If you go full service, it is a little pricey, but still a great trip. This year we are going to pack our own food, and use the grills outside the cabins. Sue is correct about the ride to the lodge, although I do not think it is too STEEP, especially compared to the rest of Big South Fork, it is a long descent, but it is a good road that you could drive on, but only service vehicles are allowed. The biggest problem to me, is the mattresses on the bunks, they are are about 4" thick and not the softest of surfaces to sleep on. The place is always spotless, and kept very neat. The coal oil lamps and wood burning stoves really make the mood. Also you share a cabin with the rest of your party, one open room with 6 double bunks, so be sure you plan your trip with GOOD friends, hopefully that do not snore.

We would be glad to have you join us this year, we're going in September.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am looking forward to the trip. I am coming from NH with a friend for a week or so of riding. Trucking our horses down. Have ridden in the area a little bit and fell in love! Even bought land to relocate too! Happy Trails.
You lucky dog! If I didn't have 2 boys to put through college I would be looking for land too!
I stayed there a couple of years ago, I think you will love it. We had a blast. They cooked for us, the food was great!! They were so nice. It was a can't miss weekend. The only thing I didn't have with me I wish I had was water shoes to get in the creek and zip off pants. Other than that I had everything I needed. Let us know how you liked it after your trip. Have a great time.


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