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Anybody know of a champagne stallion at stud w/i driving distance of the Shoals/Moulton area. He needs to be as close to 15 hands and minimal white as possible, with a wonderful gait and disposition.
I hope it's not just 'in my dreams'.

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I know of one you can breed to...
OK. Do you have a number or email address I can contact about him? What town is he in?
I know of a really beautiful one in Waverly, TN. Would be about 3hrs or so from you. Could go up trace and then cut west to Waverly. Mike Browning is the owner. I got my spotted horse, Rinny, from him and he is awesome! Let me know if you want his number. Dean Butler on this site probably has it as he got his spotted horse by breeding to one of Mike's stallions. Hope to see you Sat about 11 at Laurel Hill. I would love to go over to Mike's with you. I have not been there since buying Rinny as a 2 yr old.
Blessings, Linda
Sure, I'll take his number. The champagne is not spotted is he? I don't want spotted with this mare. I appreciate it.

We may go closer to home Sat. Kind of want to start early and not get home so late. We love Laurel Hill and want to come back, though. Maybe when it's warmer we can start earlier sometime.
Is the spotted horse that you are talking about gaited? Could you give me some additional information about it?

I'm just trying to find a SOLID Champagne Stud horse to breed my mare to. Linda and Leighanne may know of a spotted gaited horse somewhere. Leighanne sells them all the time and has a website on her homepage.
Mike's stallion is solid champagne, not spotted. Had a great ride today at Laurel Hill. Just made the short back loop and then home.
Blessings, Linda
I got his number and will call him. Just got back from the Columbia Mule Day Parade. We rode the Champagnes and had a great time.
Glad you had a good ride. Beth rode Thompson Creek and Carolyn had to repair her roof from wind damage from the Thurs. storms.
I worked all week at the Mule Day park, so i took Sat off to ride and have some quiet time. I love working and helping people, but just have to have some alone time with my horse. I even took my young horse over to the park Sat afternoon and rode him around to de-sensitize him and he did great, didn't bother him at all. Trying to have him ready to go to the smokies in June.
Blessings, Linda
I found a gold champagne 14.2 w/ no white except a small star 13 miles from my house with TWH papers. Faith is going as soon as she gets ready.
I can't believe I've searched 2 states and he was right down the road. And my hubby knew him, so he's giving me a great deal. We just saw them in the pasture and stopped!
Thanks to everyone that helped. It's really hard to find a specific size, color, breed, and markings. I didn't know how hard!
congats on the find! Hope everything works out. We'll want pictures lol


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