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Just returned yesterday from a week long trip to Catoosa.  The ticks and sand fleas were terrible.  If you are planning on going, be prepared to do battle.

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We are planning on being there this weekend. Other than the bugs, how was it? I have not had the opportunity to visit there yet. How are the trails?
Well, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but our group didn't care that much for the trails. There was some nice riding in the woods and along the creek, but there was quite a bit that went through the pines, which is where we picked up most of the ticks. We did not go out into the forest so there may have been some nice trails we missed. The area is beautiful. The facilities are great. Some of our group did not like Barn A because of the mats. They did not drain well and everyone went through a lot of shavings, which if you don't take your own will cost you $6.00/bag, unless you drive into town and buy them at the Co-op for about $5.00/bag.
Overall, our group decided we would probably not go back unless it is just for a weekend trip.
I agree with Melinda - a weekend is enough. I have found that you don't want to go to Catoosa after a rain. It takes awhile to dry out and just isn't fun.
You are right Nancy. I forgot about the bogs. There were several. We actually turned around at some of them and did not attempt. My horse went to his knees in one and a friend of ours went to her horses belly in another one and he is a big horse.
Just a note to pass along. The ticks are bad everwhere, not just Catoosa. I ride at Catoosa and Bandy Creek and have picked up ticks at both places. The shavings are not cheap and are very comparable to other palces, such as Co-op and TSC. We have to have them delivered or we do it our selves. As for a weekend place, all the trails would have to be rode in order to decide this. As for the bogs, there are a couple of wet places where water come out of the ground, but no more than other palces. The trails have been worked on considerably since last year.
Just wanted to let everyone no that before making a decision not to come, that maybe they should try it before relying on the negative comments. Some people focus to much on negative things and forget to mention the positive. Thanks, Bobby Gene and Gretta
Which is why my very first statement was 'everyone has their own likes and dislikes'. I also said there is some nice riding in the woods and by the creek, the area is beautiful and the facilities are great. So, I didn't forget to mention the positive.
I was there last week as well. The facilities are absolutely beautiful. We used the kitchen and dining facility for almost every meal. The trails were well kept, but for us goat trail riders, there just wasn't enough there for a week. Might be more riding in the adjacent Catoosa forest, but the bugs were quite bad, so we tried to stay on the wide dirt trails. If you go, be sure and do the ride by the creek and ride it all the way to the covered bridge. It is pretty and cool. If you have a white legged horse, be sure and check out a preventative for sand fleas. This time of year they are bad and will eat your horse up. When we left on Saturday, there were many trailers that had come in. Looks like a pretty popular weekend getaway!
We are going to give it a try this weekend. We are armed with looooooooottttttttttttts of bug spray. lol
Hope you guys have a GREAT time! Just getting together with great friends is worth it! Be safe!


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