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Anyone know of any good ones that would be good for a week-long trip? Plenty of trails, hook-ups, barn, etc?

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Saddle Valley/Big South Fork

Saddle Valley Campground would like to invite you to come and enjoy the beauty and horse friendly atmosphere of the Cumberland plateau. We can cater to any medium sized group, and enjoy hosting events, or lending a helping hand to insure your events goes off without a hitch. Located just outside the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Saddle Valley has campsites with electric and water hook-ups, five barns located around the campground, eight big open pens, and a large bath house with covered pavilion. We are nestled in the gently rolling hills of the northern Cumberland Plateau on the edge of some of the most rugged country east of the Rockies. The campground is located at the end of a dead end road, allowing for privacy and security, yet close enough to the main highway to provide easy access for even the largest rigs. Our campsites offer picnic tables, fire rings, and hitching post, yes that's right, you are allowed to bring your horse to your campsite, and the barn is not a half mile away. With over 200 miles of horse trail in the park, and trails that take you from your campsite into the park, where the trails are maintained by the NPS, we are the premier equestrian destination. Bring your own horse, ride on your own, no trail fees or extra charges. We also have guides, rental horses, and back country camping available. We can customize your stay to whatever you wish. We specialize in medium sized groups, yet offer a place simple and quite enough to bring grandma. Come enjoy the beauty of Tennessee and the Big South Fork from you horse. Bring the wife hubby and the kids (and Rover). Please check our schedule for the next event, or make reservations for a nice quite weekend when there may not be much going on but good riding and great hospitality.

Please visit our website www.saddlevalleycampground.com or call Teresa at (931)879-6262.
Will check out. Thanks.
In Alabama a lot of my friends go to; fayewhitmorefarms. In middle TN also check out; CircleE. We have gone to saddle valley many times and love it and the big south fork area. TN is filled with great areas. If you want an organized ride check out; bucksnort. They usually have a post on this site and start in April.
Happy Trails,
Appreciate the information. Have ridden at Circle E and Big South Fork, but haven't been to Saddle Valley. Really looking for something closer to Indiana. Have friends from there who meet us and ride and would like to be able to go closer to their home for a change. Thanks anyway!!
If you are just looking for a new place to ride I recommend Saddle Valley, however if you are traveling to In. and are looking for a place in route I would recommend, http://mammothcavehorsecamp.com

Thanks for the information. Will check it out.
Definitely Big South Fork! The east Tennessee area is the premier trailriding site in the south. There is also East Fork (very close to the Big South Fork) which is private land...BSF is a national forest. East Fork is a little more expensive since it is private land, especially the organized rides, but it is also beautiful country. Timber Ridge is where we go. Check out previous posts about 5 star camprounds for more info about them. In south central Tennessee there is Circle E (circleeguestranch.com). There is also a place in Alabama called Seven Springs Lodge,
(sevenspringslodge.net) both places are supposed to have beautiful scenery and trails and both are on my list of places to go this year. I would definitely check out any of these places, I am sure you will have a good trip. In Illinois there is the Shawnee National Forest that has several horse camps. I went summer before last. We stayed at Bear Branch (I don't recommend this place) if I ever go again I will stay at Hayes Canyon horse camp. I was a little disappointed with Shawnee, but it was during the horrible drought and there was no water in the creeks, otherwise it was beautiful. I am sure with all the rain we had last year it won't be that way now. Take time to google and you will find more places that I haven't mentioned.

My personal recommendation is Timber Ridge at the BSF. There are so many trails you couldn't possibly ride them all even in a week. Mountain scenery, great campground, Lee and Dee are excellent hosts, your horses are close...have fun picking your place, then have fun riding!
I appreciate the info. I have been to Big South Fork, East Fork, Circle E, Bandy Creek, Zenith Stables. Have not yet been to Timber Ridge or Seven Springs, but am aware of both of them. I am relly looking for somewhere closer to Indiana and was hoping someone might have been somewhere and could give some personal feedback on it.
For anyone interested in the VA area, I would recommend Hungry Horse. We stayed there last October for a week and loved it.
Thank you.
Melinda, I did think of another place, Long C north of Nashville. There are several posts on ttr about it and they have a website. MY friends love it and it is on my list to ride also. Good luck.
Blessings, Linda
Hi Melinda,
I know you are looking more toward Indiana but do take a minute and go to www.timberridgehorsecampground.com We have a wonderful secure barn, miles and miles of trails and great weather!!! We are adjacent to the Big South Fork with three trail heads, full hookups, common area with a 61" flat screen TV, all the ammenities you could possible imagine at a campground!!
Shawnee Forest in IL has so many campgrounds to chose from. It is by far my favorite place to go. Little Lusk Lodge is great, but I don't think they have a website. It is worth the trip. Circle B is great too. I don't recommend Bear Branch. Way to crowded and a rowdy bunch, lots of drunks too. At least when we went it was that way.
You can stay a week and never ride the same trail twice. Almost every trail leads to something cool to see, like one horse gap, indian kitchen, or secret canyon. Pack a lunch, they have high lines and great picnic spots. Take a map, the trails are now well marked and easy to follow.
Thanks so much! Great information. We have wanted to go there, but haven't been yet. Will definitely discuss with the group. I appreciate the feedback on Bear Branch. We don't like that type atmosphere.


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