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Looking for any info, on a campground being constucted near Laurel Hill

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Yes, I was thrilled to hear this was a possibility.  Would be very successful I think.  I REALLY miss Why Not Ranch and would use a campground like this probably at least once a month. I hope someone with more information will answer.

I agree! I have a friend that rides there alot and camps at many cedars. I will ask him and see what I find out. He is a trainer and so gets lots of news:)



From what I understand it is being built and will be near the Squirrel Camp Rd area. I have called and left a message for a friend who has more info and I will post more later.
Found out a little more: the campground is under construction, expected to be open soon, it is on White Rd near the Squirrel Camp trail parking.

Opps, brain malfunction that is Smith Rd not White. We may try and ride by tomorrow and check the progress.


Sweet!  So excited, when you find out the name of the camp ground and a definite location. Please share. I love laurel hill. 


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