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 How many horse camps that you know of that charge the normal site and stall fee then charge a day ride fee and then charge tax on all of it?

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The last time I was at an event where East Fork stables had a table, I made that comment.  The reply was they are not federally mantained and needed to charge extra for trail maintenance.  I understand completely but in the wake of current diesel prices, we can drive a few miles more and be in Big South Fork.

this really bugs me too,Timberridge doesn't do it but most places do

NO EXTRA CHARGES at Saddle Valley Campground/ Big South Fork


You are right Jackie, Timber Ridge Horse Campground has never had a trail charge and does not charge the day riders either, our view is this:  The trails are for everyone to use and enjoy and care for, I have no right to charge for something the good Lord has given us!


True West Campground Stables and Mercantile does not charge to ride the trails and offers day riders to park for FREE.




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