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How many people have blue eyed or cremello horses? Do you think they seem to be more "laid back" in general?

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My walking horse mare if blue eyed, she is 28 years old and is not really laid back, but certainly not hyper. I said I would never own another blue eyed horse because of a life time of eye problems and infections and she now is blind. But I have been told that blue eyes do not cause that.
We had 3 APHA fillies born in 2007 and the one with blue eyes started out as a spit fire but ended up the most laid back of the 3. Go figure? she is a very calm and dependable coming 3 year old and is riding as though she has done it all her life. Nothing spooks or upsets her. She is a very willing girl.
I've heard that blue eyed horses have a tendency to lose their hearing.
I have a blue eyed TWH (Jennie with pics on my page), she will be four this summer. She is a wonderful horse but I would not say she is laid back. She is gentle and friendly but when we trail ride she wide eyed and alert. She was extremely spooky but she is getting better with time and experience. I think as she gets older she will be more laid back. I haven't had horses long so I can't say if it's a blue eyed thing or her pedigree. Not sure if I helped, if you have any questions just ask.
That is a great question. I have 2 spotted saddle horses that have blue eyes and they are both very laid back and gentle. I've never thought about that before, but those two are my most laid back horses.
I don't know if the blue eyes have anything to do with it, but I have a 10 year old Morab gelding who has partial blue eyes and he is the so laid back we call him "the outside dog." I broke him myself and my 12 year old niece has been riding him ever since. She will jump on him in the pasture and ride him without a saddle or bridle or halter he is so gentle. I am not sure if it is the blue eyes but I can tell you my brown eyed horse I would never do that on! LOL!
I have a gorgeous blue eyed quarter mare. She isn't laid back, but she isn't hyper or wired up either. She is a great little trail horse, but, unlike my SSH gelding, she could not care less about people...unless they have a feed bucket in their hand! lol Then she is very interested and engaged in you! I don't think eye color would have anything to do with a 'personality trait' (temperament)...I think that would have a lot more to do with the breed, the breeding within that breed, and training. Just my opinion, based on what I know about biology in general.
I agree with Adrienne. There is no biological basis for eye color having anything to do with personality. I think people tend to make associations when they have a particular horse with a certain trait, who has a particular quality. Also, on this subject, I have sometimes heard that the blue eye might be inferior, as far as sight (which I didn't believe, but checked out anyway.) I have an odd-eyed APHA mare, whom I took to a veterinary opthamologist and had a eye exam. He said her sight was perfect, and that there is absolutely no difference in a horse's sight with blue eyes or brown eyes, or even (what they call) split, or half-blue eyes. It is just pigment. Like people, the blue-eyed ones see just as well as the brown eyed ones. Sight problems are from other reasons. I think personality is, also. Breed, bloodlines, early handling, inherited disposition, and gender.


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