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I am looking for a really Great Black and White TWH Stallion to breed to a really nice mare. If you have one or know of one that is a great trail horse let me know. Thanks

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Check out this link.




mcnatt farms. you will find them here on ttr, Bobby McNatt. Bo Jangles Junior is one of his stallions. I have several friends that have that bloodline and all are great horses.

dewayne i have a grey and white. bloodline! ebonys mt man is his grand daddy also has 5 world champion walking horses on daddys side and tennessee whiskey and toney w also paint the town on the mommas side and i have some friends that have a tri color both are very nice trail horses...my stud horse is on my ttr page.

if you find one could you let me know too. I've been lookin for one too. Not too interested in show stock. really want a level headed trail horse. thanks

Have you been to McNatts? Their farm is new Fayetteville. Love visiting them and seeing their horses, really nice and helpful.



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