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We are trying to plan a trip for June 2010 and are looking for personal experiences in the Black Hills area. I have looked at a place called Broken Arrow just outside Custer. Has anyone stayed there or do you have a better recommendation. We do not have living quarters and have to stay where they have rooms or cabins. Also, we want to be able to ride out on different trails and ride to Mount Rushmore. I love this site and really appreciate Mike for starting it.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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We stayed @ a place called Battle Creek Horse Camp but we have LQ trailers. They have a house but I can't speak as to the quality. The rest of the facilities are rather 'Spartan'. It is a great spot for trail access. If you ride to Mt. Rushmore from the northwest beware of the last 1/4 to 1/2 mile. It is more like a boulder field than a trail. Other than that we had a great time. If you are passing thru west Nebraska. A great place to visit is Fort Robinson or nearby High Plains Homestead.
Thanks for the info. I don't think we will go to Nebraska, but may go over to Wy and ride some. I want to go to the Big Horn Mountains also. I would love to have the ability to just travel and ride all over. My husband says he wants to do that for 3-4 months at a time when he retires. Pray we have good health and resourses to do so. Until then I try to take advantage of every opportunity to ride. We are so blessed to live in TN with so many good places close by.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski
Hi Linda. Did you get to make this trip? I have camped and ridden in the Black Hills once, in 1995. Absolutely loved it! Have been back, but not with horses. Would love to make that trip again. We rode in Custer Park and rode to Mt. Rushmore. It was beautiful!
No, have postponed till 2011. Hope to be blessed to go there then. Fortunately I have friends who went there this past year and may go with us. I have not been there in years and am anxious to go.
Good. I was just going to offer to get some information from my father-in-law for you, if necessary. He has been out there several times.


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